“We are likely to escort HH to another loss”
Of late there’s inordinate hyper excitement on the messed up economy and massive complaints of high cost of living. My inbox is full of “things are bad, this is good for us as UPND…”. Are we more democratic, are we more inclusive, more tolerant of all views. Are we BETTER than PF that could arrest Hon. Sylvia Masebo for walking to UTH (and now they entered a Nolle, sad).
I have seen UPND become so intolerant of just “words or divergent opinions” and I stand to be corrected that there is more likely than not that UPND may go a step further, once in government to arrest people for TALKING – expressing freedom of speech – I have experienced that WITHIN the party… therefore, we may just be birds of the same flock, the issue of the two village cooking utensils – the pot calling the kettle black and yet both of them are black.
It is not the PF mess that can make we in UPND to win polls. People want a solution to THEIR problems, people want an ally who is down to earth, who stands with them in times of trouble – right now there is none on the political platform, I stand to be challenged on this score.
Here in South Africa, the Opposition EFF is ALWAYS siding with the poor and troubled citizens – the students, citizens, the workers, the farmers etc. And you will see them organise the marches in solidarity. For the UPND, it is often armchair press conferences.

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In politics, STREET WORK is what works, that is what shows who we are. People have been hit hard, we are still in offices and or on radio stations where there are air cons, avoiding clashes and playing safe.
If a woman, in Burma, who has won elections was jailed for 20 years, and yesterday, time for her joy came. There is no playing safe, avoiding siding with the people in politics if one is gunning for victory.
My take is, UPND won’t sail easily come 2016. Yes, the people want change, but are we the change they want? Do we show that we shall be more different and better than PF?
Many are behaving like a man who adores this beautiful lady, praying for her to divorce her hubby, thinking that when she divorces, she will marry this new admirer of her. Who says when she gets divorced she will marry you as if you are the only man standing? She may have other choices, she may have had a boyfriend no one ever knew. And next, all you hear is a wedding day, not with you who prayed for her divorce, but with another man – you get shocked and may even end up in ICU.
Yes people want want change, and they are calling for the opposition to work together – but that is not acceptable by my party right now. Many senior people in UPND truly believe we have already arrived, already won (because things are bad) and have become too protective of new ideas, new members.
Wynter Kabimba has said he will eat into PF votes. FDD too is eating into the same vote and in ours too. That spells danger. That leaves PF at the top.
The Post newspaper is backing Rainbow and FDD. Am 100% certain people love UPND. Am not 100% sure if the same can be said about the party candidate. I know for real that Fred would rather spoil our vote and allow PF to win 2016 for two (top) reasons:
1. Fred knows if HH loses that will be his last. If Lungu wins that will also be his last term. This means that now he would even come out in the open to back his blue eyed boy, Wynter, for 2021 or earlier if an eventuality happens.
2. Fred is accustomed to managing and dealing with PF. Whether PF unleashes ZRA and cadre police to close him down he has gotten used to winning against their schemes. Fred believes government of UPND is likely to be totalitarian and more intolerant. He would rather continue with PF than give a possible 10 years to HH. Remember that as soon as Mazoka died Fred had to marry Mazoka’so daughter, all in attempt to stop HH from having access to Mszoka’s riches. That’s how deep Fred can go in this light.
3. Internally GBM knows too well he’s next in line come next year. What shall remain us internal process handling. And if that happens, the likes of Miles Samoa and many others now kept outside the UPND will flock to the party. By that time HH may only have to get back to corporate business. And this is what many people don’t want to say. Others have been paid to ensure HE loses. HE eats and plans with them and he can’t see that. He sits with them even in NMC and NEC.
Let’s be blunt, HH is a great man, intelligent man, great entrepreneur of global repute for that matter but truth be told, he is not a very likable fellow. And the handlers have refused to admit and work on that to turn that into an advantage working point.
Look at the USA Republican race to White House now on, Neuro Surgeon, Dr. Ben Carson who is leading the polls – question is, the Carson has no experience but why is he even beating Hillary Clinton, a former First Lady. Fact is, people just like him. And Zambia, loves to vote for a likable candidate.
We can make HH be a likable candidate. Problem is he has allowed his handlers to block him from getting winning strategies and actions that work. My party is doing the same things they have always done which have made them escort HH to 4 running losses.

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  1. More on the streets,no youth employment because our parents hold on to our jobs until they reach 65 and the list is endless…

  2. for Gods sake can u schmucks stop politikn n do wat we employed u to do, owez sikn sympathy by playn th victim. u idiots r nt in oposition u r th ruling party so let ur weks campaign fo u, cn u stop mekn xcuses n b accountable, 4 once tek responsibility!

  3. Sometimes, Zambian politics is just uselessness beyond vanity. where grown up men with children to look after will be so concerned about who supports who, instead of thinking on how their families will survive. Some young people getting into stuff they don’t understand fully!! others just been tribal from word Go!!! no reasonable thinking involved.
    Honesty Zambians let’s grow up and fight to redeem ourselves from poverty.

  4. I have checked the profiles of subscribers to this issue. Most of those saying things are bad in Zambia are just under the age of 25
    I am wondering what good and bad they have seen in this country in their adult life of less than ten years!
    My dear colleagues, facts hurts.
    But let me tell you that the only people with good intentions about this country is us the poor majority.

    The mission of the elite politicians,whoever they may be, is to build their CAvs and enrich themselves at our expense.

    If we can briefly stop talking about politics and invest our time in education,firstly economics,developmental studies and politics itself, then we shall redeem Zambia in the next thirty years.

    Slow your tone, USA as been independent since 1776 and they still have economic deficiencies.
    While Zambia was prematurely bequeathed independence 50 years ago and it’s indirectly ruled by the colonial masters and economic free-riders.
    In short we are still far from attaining economic independence in 2016 or 30years to come.
    Any government depends on tax revenues to run its functions.

    So we shall still suffer high taxes from both informal and formal businesses as well as parastatals and private companies.
    No political leader will come to fund the government coffers from his pocket. If anything, they want to reap from the already stretched accounts.

    Analyse issues and not individuals.

  5. Its nt the polical parties to blame but the atitude of us Zambians. Personalisation en polical indoctrination is wat is killing us. If Zambians can learn to dabate intelligently en not resort to violence en insults, then only will a gvt of intergrity be formed. Lets remember its gvt by the pipo for the pipo. Lets stop settling for mediocrity en look beyond our noses en think of the future generation.

  6. i respect yo opinion tho yu wrong coz been happy abut th current economy wont feed th pipo!!! no one is happy about tht n tht yu shud put on yo mind HH 2pin16

  7. I like it,’the pot calling the kettle black’only this time the kettle is on the stove while the pot is still on the smokey woodfire!Food for thought.

  8. I repect your opinion.But your opinion is based on the way the media operates in Zambia,social media included.No single party is perfect,and no one is celebrating about the problems in the economy to use as a chance to win political mileage,but remember politics is a game.The voter is the final decider,whether HH is likeable or not,poor or good economy.The facts are there,things are bad and it is true.If pipo leading us have nothing to do with the bad economy,then lets stop having elections all together! Pipo in office r accountable to us the voters,not vise versa.Leave everything to the voters,your opinion is your opinion,and so is mine!

  9. Zambia wil never lack wise leaders. This is Chagwa’s time i believe. Stop being bitter, th President is workin hard even 4 u & your president HH.

    • So you mean HH will come n make things right?With what?And how?Apart from the fact that he’ll start from zero n things will get even worse than they are.I bet everyone knows that.

  10. Mwanya ba pathetic failures your party is cracking down, miles sampa is extrcting a big chunk on the copperbelt… there will be no pf by next year

  11. They have got a long way. Another opposition party will be formed and take the seat of presidency like the way PF did I promise.