Miles Sampa disowned

Miles Sampa (Deputy minister of Commerce)
Miles Sampa


THE Patriotic Front (PF) in Matero Constituency in Lusaka has challenged their Member of Parliament (MP) Miles Sampa to resign from the party and as an MP because his resignation as deputy minister is a source of confusion.
Matero PF Constituency chairperson Crispin Kabole said Mr Sampa’s resignation was not in good faith but, instead, showed disloyalty to the party and Republican President Edgar Lungu.
However, Mr Sampa has dismissed the allegations, stating he was faithful to both the PF and President Lungu.
Mr Kabole said when he and scores of Matero PF members presented their petition to Lusaka District PF chairperson Staford Kayame that they did not support their MP’s decision to resign as deputy minister of Commerce, Trade and Industry about two weeks ago.

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He alleged that contrary to what Mr Sampa said that he had resigned to help organise the party, the MP was a source of confusion because he had been creating parallel structures in Matero.
“We want to put it on record that we are not behind Miles Sampa and we want the district to demand his resignation because since he has quit being deputy minister, he should go further and quit as PF Matero MP,” Mr Kabole said.
He said the Matero parliamentarian had not reciprocated President Lungu’s efforts to work with him in unity since the PF convention in November 2014.
Mr Kabole alleged that Mr Sampa had not been loyal to the President and had been forming parallel structures in a bid to destabilise the party and prepare a way for himself to become party and Republican president.
Mr Kayame said he accepted the petition and also called for Mr Sampa’s resignation.
He said it was unfortunate that Mr Sampa, after resigning, had issued statements saying that a life of a minister was too luxurious.
He said the party members recognised President Lungu as PF President for five years from the time of the convention last year.
Mr Kayame said those that could not accept these facts should step down from PF or wait until God gave them presidential appointments as he did for Mr Lungu.
Meanwhile, Mr Sampa, when asked for a comment later, said he was in full support of the party and of President Lungu.
“I am PF 100 per cent. I support President Edgar Lungu 100 per cent,” Mr Sampa said.


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  1. as the bemba are only supporting lungu coz hh is confused, but if miles lives this dead pf and forms his own political part or joins nawakwi I can guarantee a loss for lungu and his minions

  2. He has a right to resign and that does not mean he should also resign from the party.Some Zambian politicians are very poor in thinking.Leave Sampa alone

  3. We can’t continue practicing politics of appeasement. We need to mature in our democracy

  4. I don’t see the wrong in him resigning while being a member of the party. Has he committed an offence for Resigning?

  5. That’s the problem of uneducated people in Zambia they will say rubbish always,we live in democracy where everyone is free to decide what to do so leave sampa alone or write that resignation on his behalf if you feel Zambia is yours

  6. Careful Miles Sampa,,u are young and energetic,,the Cartel wil dump u soon,,They are for their Master Kabimba,,your Uncle once said leaderdship is not like chieftenship where when an Uncle dies then the nephew takes over,,Pf wasn’t owned by Sata but us the pipo who have bn voting for him,,if u think ni ya nyoko we wudnt have bn voting for u guys,,grow up nd dnt behave childish coz yo time is coming,,.Luk @ HH how many times has he lost elections,,have u hed him saying am resigning o wat?2021 is all yours wait for your time..otherwise u wil go earlier than u came

  7. Ba Miles,it will take years n century for you to be known pa zambia by us zambians especially here mu copperbelt province.We need old n matured pipo nt you with childish mind,wake up,those fools around you re jst after money.

  8. That was long overdue. fish him out off th party. Zambia is big, We cant lack good leaders who can contribute positively 2 th development our country.

  9. miles sampa all the way,lungu doesn’t have a vision,nowanda sampa had to quit,reasoning is very good,look at bishop chombas appointment,wats that? open your eyes

  10. this guy thinks he is popular not knowing that pipo who surround him are just after his money

  11. Miles must be careful,he might be biting more more dan he can chew.the cartel will use him and dump him,at an island with no canoe.Am nt a PF bt I can see

  12. PF just work together. Show us what was founded of the party by the late president MCS and Guy Scott.