Mile Sampa challenges State house


MILES Sampa says he does not need to send emissaries to President Edgar Lungu to lobby for a promotion because he is capable of speaking for himself. Sampa yesterday said his resignation was premeditated and not a reaction to anything. On Sunday, State House press aide Amos Chanda said Sampa’s emissaries went to see President Lungu, demanding that he fires information minister Chishimba Kambwili or finance minister Alexander Chikwanda so that the Matero member or parliament could take over. But Sampa, who resigned from his position as commerce deputy minister last month, distanced himself from the said emissaries. “I did not send any emissaries whatsoever. I normally speak for myself. I am capable of speaking for myself. I don’t need emissaries,” he said. Sampa challenged State House to name the emissaries in question so that they could answer for themselves and reveal who sent them. He said his decision to resign from the government was made over a month ago but that he waited for Michael Sata’s first memorial to pass before announcing it. “My decision to resign was made over a month ago. I decided to put it off until after the first anniversary of late president Michael Sata. I did this out of respect for him and the Bemba tradition. Per the Bemba tradition, the first anniversary marks the end of mourning period. So the resignation date of 29th October was premeditated and not as a reaction to anything,” he said. On Sunday morning, Sampa told parishioners at St Mary’s Mother of The Redeemer Catholic Parish in Matero that he resigned his government position so that he could experience the poverty and suffering ordinary Zambians were going through.

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  1. The issue at hand here is not about the sending of emissaries to President Lungu. It is no secret that Mr Sampa has decided to stand as a presidential candidate in his party that is yet to be registered. People must learn to come out in the open than playing secret games. The constitution does not forbid anyone from contesting elections but what I do not understand about our politicians in Zambia is wanting to hold on to a party you are very much aware that your heart is not in it. The president must be aware that it’s not only Mr Sampa that has decided to get out of the boat but there are many more current MPs.