Suspect commits suicide in custody

hang suicide
hang suicide

A fourty year- old man of Chief Katyetye in Isoka District of Muchinga Province has committed suicide inside a police cell by hanging himself using a mosquito net.

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The suspect was arrested for allegedly stealing property worth K880 belonging to Nzoche Primary School.

Muchinga Police Commissioner Auxensio Daka has confirmed the development to the Zambia News and Information Services (ZANIS) in Chinsali today.

Mr. Daka has identified the deceased as Ephraim Siwale, who was apprehended by the Community Crime Prevention Unit (CCPU) on Friday November 5th 2015 after a reported of felony on October 24, 2015.

Siwale was arrested at around 01: 00 hours but was later found hanging to the window’s burglar bar using a mosquito net, the following morning on Saturday, he said.

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The police chief said the development sparked protest among the community, who shattered windows and destroyed the Grill door of Kanyala border police post where the suspect was held, accusing the police of causing the death of the suspect.

The commissioner revealed that the police post has since been closed and officers withdrawn.

Mr. Daka said no injuries were recorded, and no arrests of the protesting mob have been made. The deceased was accused of breaking into a building and committing a felon therein.

Mildred Suze, 39, a teacher at Nzoche Primary School, in chief katyetye reported the matter to police stating that unknown people allegedly broke into the school premises around 02:00 hours on 24 October 2015 through the window and walked away with school property.


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