New party, Odini Liberation Party, launched

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A new political party called Odini Liberation Party has been launched at a ceremony held in Lusaka this morning.
Speaking at a media briefing to launch the party, Odini Liberation Party interim president Mpundu Mwanamwelwa has disclosed that his party has been formed to win the 2016 general elections and transform Zambia.

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Mr. Mwanamwelwa, who is also former Unemployment Association of Zambia (UAZ) President, says his party intends to provide support to poor people especially those in the remote areas of Zambia.
He has told journalists that once Odini Liberation Party forms government it also intends to support calamity-prone towns by helping them overcome challenges and escape poverty.
Mr. Mwanamwelwa states that poverty reduction and care for the poor is one of the key policy issues which his Party will be paying much attention to while in government.
He particularly finds it saddening that after 51 years of independence Zambians still live in abject poverty and unpleasantness.
And Mr. Mwanamwelwa has expressed disappointment that the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) is still allegedly going against President Edgar Lungu’s declaration of reconciling in the Country.
He notes that actions of PF members are what are showing that they have disobeyed their President and Republic President Lungu’s decree.


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