Lusaka business man convicted for beating cop

Judge Mallet; Hammer
Judge Mallet; Hammer

A BUSINESS executive of Lusaka has been convicted for inflicting injury on a police officer.
The Lusaka Magistrate Court found Rodgers Mpande, 30, of Lilanda Township, guilty of assaulting Chrispine Tembo, a police officer at Lilanda Police post.
The case before Magistrate Judith Chiyaika involved Mpande, who was facing one count of assault.
Ms Chiyaika convicted Mpande upon his own admission of guilt.


He told the Court that he beat the police officer on grounds that he arrested him for loitering alone and leaving his friends whom he was in the company with after a drinking outing.
“I was at a bar in Lilanda when Mr Tembo approached me and informed me that I was under arrest for loitering, I resisted and charged at him because I did not understand why he singled me out alone,” he said.
When the matter came up for plea, the accused readily admitted the charge.
Mpande disarmed the police officer and started beating him before onlookers stopped the fight and later reported him to the police.
Ms Chiyaika has since reserved sentencing to Monday next week.