The church has let me down-Nevers Mumba


NEVERS Mumba says he has failed to become Republican president because the Church has opted not to support a Christian candidate. Speaking yesterday at Pentecostal Assemblies of God Church in Chinsali where he delivered a sermon, Mumba, the MMD president said Zambians did not seem to be ready to be led by a Christian leader. “Mulya muma politics (in politics), you haven’t done as well as you have done in Church, you have not voted for a Christian so it is not my fault that I am not president yet, it is the Assemblies of God’s fault because I am a product of the Assemblies of God and if the Assemblies of God want a Christian president, they can get next year,” he said. Mumba said the Church should not blame him for failing to become president because he had not received support from them.


“It is a decision you make, so don’t start to blame me over that because it’s not my fault, it’s your fault, it’s your choice, it’s your decision. You are not ready for your own to become President because the prophet is not without honour except in his own country,” he said. He said it was common for a prophet not to be respected in his own land. “Eficitika, Ifyenu mulafisula, ifyabambi mulaficindika (That’s what happens, you don’t appreciate your own, instead you appreciate that which belongs to others),” said Mumba.

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  1. To me as an individual that state is not good..It sounds like He is saying God has let him down that is why he has failed to become a President. Have you forgotten Dr that the will God is supreme over the will of Man. Maybe it is not yet your time!keep on compaigning. We always behind but God raise up leaders and brings down leaders. At a set time God may remember you..Even When Israel rejected God and desired to have a king reign over them..It is still God who appointed Saul to rule as king over Israel!No matter how much the unity itself, if it’s not your time. They would still vote for another Leader….Wait upon the Lord!!!Remember God is the Lord of Host!If it is your time He move the hearts of men to vote for you!I have had the grace to look into Election results far before voting and have not yet heard that it is your time!