Jonas Shakafuswa vs Larry Mweetwa: A UPND fight to the death


In most of my posts, comments, opinions and analysis where I have written about United Party for national Development(UPND) and its leader Hakainde Hichilema. I have alluded to the fact that opposition political parties are not immune to criticism. This is so because in most cases they are either a government in waiting or a provider of checks and balances. As a very important component of our demonstrate process I for one puts value in a sane and orderly opposition. One that leads by example and one that respect leadership of a country.

Jonas Shakafuswa vs Larry Mweetwa:
Jonas Shakafuswa vs Larry Mweetwa: A UPND fight to the death

However, this is not the case in our country/ The so called opposition especially UPND have no respect for our elected leaders. People can post thrush on social media about our President and call it campaign. When some of us write about it with the reasons that this is in fact de-campaigning the UPND we are called names. What Larry Mweetwa wrote about President Lungu is uncalled for especially that it came from a learned person. Sometimes I don’t understand what some of the people in the so called diaspora have in their heads. I said some not everyone.

The post of Mweetwa was supposed to be condemned by the UPND leadership. But they didn’t why? Because they think this is politics. This is foolish thinking. I have said many times that HH must put his house in order otherwise we will see him standing for the 8th time without a win. Why should it take Hon Jonas Shakafuswa to see the political own goal scored by Mweetwa. I stand with Shaka on this one. The head of state should be respected-Whether you voted for him or not.

People have said Hon Shakafuswa should not have done this opening, he would have instead written to Mweetwa directly. Directly or indirectly the media would have found out about Shaka’s counsel. And we would have had the situation we are having now. A war between King Shaka and one UPND High Commissioner to the UK.

The social media war has taught UPND some things-its natural to have differences within the party and that every member needs guidance. In my opinion this war between Shaka and Mweetwa is just the beginning. It is the last man standing war. It is a fight to the death war. And here are how things are going to unfold.

1.Camps will take sides

Mweetwa has a good following on his Facebook page. Most of these are UPND cadres who find joy in the deformation and discrediting of the Head of state. His friends and like minded UPND supporters will back everything and every word he writes or speaks. Larry has nothing to lose because from the conversations(between him and Shaka) I have a feeling he thinks he has the backing of HH. If this is the case the people on Larry’s camp may feel the same.

Larry Mweetwa has no constituency which has voters. Hon Shakafuswa has that. Shaka’s camp which will include some people who wanted to jump parties will think twice before doing so. The influence the man possesses should not be underestimated. So UPND should be careful with this situation.

2.HH will do nothing or delay to react

The man who has GBM, William Banda and Mutale Nalumango as one of the advisers will for sure give us something in the shortest time. LOL. I wish. Believe me it is not going to happen..not from HH. One of HH’s weak points is that he can not make tough decisions. Backing Shakafuswa in HH’s mind may result in losing Larry’s camp. Backing Larry.. Mmm. I lose Shakafuswa’s following. That is democracy sir. You lose some, but play your cards well you gain some.

What HH and UPND should do?
If they think both Mweetwa and Shakafuswa are important assets. They should talk to them. Young Mweetwa should be canned, taught honor and told to respect leadership. HH should be strong on him. Larry and his allies will keep costing him elections. Shakafuswa should be talked to as well. We don’t wash dirty cloths in public.

Despite this. This war is far from being over. It is just the beginning of some cracks in UPND, Something is not well. Mr Hichilema should stop pretending that things are Tip top. Put your house in order badala. Larry might have bought you a ticket to go to the UK. But he doesn’t know how things are in your party on the ground and how people like Shakafuswa are working hard for your party.

Shakafuswa as both an MP and citizen has the duty of protecting and defending the institution of the President. Offensive posts about Mr Lungu do more harm than good to HH.

Joe Mwansa Lombe Kaluba



  1. Most new editors are demonic .Most of the news the write about is not to reconcile the nation.In their opinion negative news sells better.Just like demons are happy when there is confusion they too are very happy to write new about people s differences.We are looking for the news editor who will stand in the gap of a peace maker.Every one is taking sides.We have ORGANISATION formed specifically to look for negative news about political parties.what a christian NATION.

  2. even in your family is not all your children are perfect. one can be rebellious but that can not make him cease to be your dialogue needs to be promoted all the time.

  3. thats why i always believe that hh is not as different as other politicians that he always criticizes.he condemed lungu for adopting siliya,but he has accepted violent cardres like gbm,william banda & shakafuswa who dont think with their brains but with their blows.

  4. No need to keep on amplifying an issue which can otherwise be sorted out within the confines of UPND. It just needs a high level maturity from one of the concerned parties to put off the fire. Added to this is, Zambian leaders must desist from unpalatable language to one another. What are teaching the future generation?

  5. shaka is on spot…This is jst a tip of de iceberg….Upnd is a harbor of tribalism…Tonga temunobe..they are gud at it…and they really do it to de best.

  6. But why can’t his excellence have respect also towards other order people like GBM whom he called chipuba? Or has he become God because he is a president? Our leaders deserve to be respected even those in opposition! Shakafuswa is just a disgrace, we are used to his treacherous behaviour, if i had it my way, he was not suppose to be adopted!