Grade 9 pupils forced to write computer exams late in the night


Grade nine pupils at a number of schools in Lusaka have had to write their final Computer examinations very late in the night.
This is as a result of the limited number of computers in most government schools.
A check by QFM at New Mtendere basic school around 22:00 hours found pupils writing their computer exams while others waited for their colleagues to finish before they could have their turn.
The school is said to have only twenty five computers, while the duration of the examination is one hour thirty minutes.
Some concerned parents were found waiting for their children to finish writing their exams at new Mtendere basic school past 23:00 hours.


The situation was not different at Chibelo basic school in Kabulonga area and at Yotam Muleya basic school in Mandevu constituency were grade nine pupils were also found writing their exams in the night while other pupils waited in the dark for their turn to come.
The situation is reported to be the same in schools in other parts of the country.