“Witchdoctor instructed me to take 23 eggs”


THE Chipata Magistrates’ Court on Friday acquitted a Ugandan witchdoctor who allegedly raped a client seeking love potion for her husband.

Before magistrate Fred Munsaka was Tony Cheswa of Chipata’s Old Jim compound, who was alleged to have committed the offence on September 17.

The prosecution called five witnesses while Cheswa did not call any witness during his defence.

Magistrate Munsaka said there was an implied consent from the victim because she never shouted to alert people when the incident occurred.
He said the accused could not be arrested on uncoordinated evidence.
Magistrate Munsaka said prosecution witness number three, Sabaduka Ahmed, did not hear anything despite being in the sitting room of the house where the incident is alleged to have happened.

He said none of the prosecution witnesses testified that there was violence when the incident occurred, a sign that showed that there was implied consent from the victim.

Earlier during trial, the complainant, who was the first prosecution witness, told the court that in July, she met her friend at school.

She said upon explaining to her friend the problem that she was facing, the friend told her that she had a similar problem but that it was resolved by a traditional healer.

She said her friend gave her Cheswa’s number, whom she met on September 17.

The complainant told the court that at first the witchdoctor told her to take 23 eggs, which she did.

She told the court that later, the witchdoctor told her to remove her clothes, lie on the ground and put her legs apart.

She said it was during that time that Cheswa “raped” her.

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