Man forgives wife over conjugal rights


A man has forgiven his wife for denying him conjugal rights after she knelt down before him when the court asked her to ask for forgiveness.
This is in a case in which Shadrick Mwanza, 42, a businessman of old Kanyama compound sued his wife, Maureen Mwanza, 37, a business woman for reconciliation in a Local Court in Lusaka.
The two got married in 1990 and they have five children. Dowry was paid.
Mwanza told Senior Court Magistrate Daniel Phiri sitting at Kanyama Local Court that all was well but when Maureen started business she lost respect for him.
He explained that even his children lost respect for him because when they differ they also support Maureen and that one child even attempted to beat him adding that when he wanted to counsel the children Maureen defended them.
Mwanza said he gave Maureen K1, 200 to look for a house in Chelstone but instead she looked for a house within Matero and that after she shifted she was upset when the child took him there.


Mwanza stated that he left Matero when Maureen told her that they should start their marriage afresh and that every time he goes there she chases him.
Asked by the court if they make love, Mwanza said they haven’t made love for a month because Maureen chases him.
In defence, Maureen said she lived well with Mwanza for two years but every time he was drunk he insulted her in the presence of children.
She complained that when the tenants give Mwanza money for rentals, he doesn’t give her anything and that he doesn’t buy food adding that she survives through her business.
Maureen explained that Mwanza doesn’t pay school fees for children and that it was the reason she refused to stay with him when he came to Matero.
Maureen added that when she went to Mwanza’s mother with her uncle for counsel they were insulted.
Asked by the court what the problems were, Mwanza said it was her engaging in business because before Maureen started work, she never complained about his drinking habit. She even refuses to let him to drive the Noah vehicle she says it is for the children.
In submission, Mwanza said he wanted to reconcile with Maureen and that he paid for the children’s school fees but after she went to Matero they stopped school.
Maureen said that she wanted to be on separation with Mwanza.
But when the court asked Mwanza to kneel before Maureen and ask for forgiveness, Maureen forgave him.
Maureen also asked for forgiveness for denying Mwanza conjugal rights and Mwanza also forgave Maureen.
Magistrate Phiri reconciled the couple and told Mwanza to stop drinking beer and that if he drunk, Maureen should report him to Court.