Buseko market stalls gutted


A FIRE at a section of the accident-prone Buseko market in Lusaka yesterday destroyed makeshift sleeping quarters and goods.
The fire is suspected to have started in the morning around 05:00 hours from a brazier believed to have been left in one of the temporary ‘houses’.
The make-shift structures used as houses by traders at the market were the most affected by the inferno.
A check by a Daily Mail crew found the fire brigade at the scene trying to put out the fire.


Traders could not state the exact cause of the fire and the value of goods they had lost, but they suspect it was ignited by a charcoal brazier.
They also bemoaned the poor sanitation conditions at the market.
The traders said it is sad that the trading area still does not have proper sanitation facilities and urged the government to quickly move in and address the situation before the onset of the rains.