Airtel Zambia sued for phone hacking


The Lusaka High Court has ordered Airtel Zambia to produce the phone and SMS records for two journalists Clayson Hamasaka and Thomas Zgambo.
This is in a case where the two Hamasaka and Zgambo have sued the second largest mobile service provider in the country for ‘hacking’, blocking and diverting their phones and messages to unknown persons.
The two are seeking compensation from Airtel for illegally tapping their phones and diverting their messages thereby endangering their personal, financial and other safety.
In response, Airtel through its lawyers said that the two did not provide sufficient details such as where the messages were diverted to. But the journalists’ lawyers said that such information is actually in the exclusive control of Airtel and that it is Airtel that should produce it..
In his ruling, deputy High Court Registrar K. Limbani ordered Airtel to produce the records to court without changing it in any way.
The judge said Airtel should produce communication records for the numbers in question for the year 2013 and 2014. The Court further said the records should show the date and time the messages were sent and received; the originating number of the message and the number to which the messages were being diverted to as extracted from the Airtel network system without any alteration to it.