Kambwili dismisses speech criticism

Chishimba Kambwili
Chishimba Kambwili

CHIEF Government spokesperson Chishimba Kambwili has dismissed claims that President Edgar Lungu failed to address governance issues during the official opening of Parliament last Friday.

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Mr Kambwili said Mr Lungu’s speech was well received by a cross-section of Zambians because he announced major policy decisions aimed at transforming Zambia into a better and prosperous country for all.
Mr Kambwili was responding to Heritage Party leader Brigadier-General Godfrey Miyanda’s claims in yesterday’s edition of The Post newspaper that Mr Lungu failed to address serious questions surrounding the governance of the country.
Mr Kambwili said Mr Lungu announced long-term solutions to the power deficit through increased and sustained investment in the energy sector aimed at transforming the country from a power-deficit to a power-surplus nation.
The measures included the Zambia-Zimbabwe partnership to develop a 1,800 megawatts power station at Batoka Gorge in Southern Province at an estimated cost of US$4 billion.
Additionally, there would be an expansion, in collaboration with the private sector, of power generation at Kafue Gorge Lower which, upon completion in three years time, will generate an additional 750 megawatts.

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Mr Kambwili said the Government would increase power generation at Chishimba and Musonda Falls and other hydropower stations around the country.
“The President also announced specific measures to revive the cooperative movement in the country as a vehicle for accelerating rural development.
“The President announced that Government planned to invest about $6 billion in constructing railway lines that will link Zambia to eastern and western parts of Africa,” he said.
Mr Lungu also re-affirmed Government’s commitment to tabling, during this sitting of Parliament, the non-contentious issues in the Draft Republican Constitution.
The President further ordered commencement of consultations on the revision of the Public Order Act and possible amendments to remove archaic provisions that impinge on media freedoms.
“We can only wish that Gen Miyanda was misquoted as we do not expect a person of his standing in society to stoop so low as to join The Post newspaper’s baseless crusade against the Government,” he said.
“Rather, we expect people of General Miyanda’s standing, a former Republican vice-president, for that matter, to offer sober and constructive advice that contributes positively to nation building.”


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