Chama is out of his mind, I never asked for a job from PF- Mumba

MUMBA, Nevers S
MUMBA, Nevers S

MMD President Nevers Mumba has dismissed as hallucination the assumption by PF Secretary General Davies Chama that he is bitter with the PF government because President Edgar Lungu has denied him a job.
Dr. Mumba has charged that it is lunacy for anyone to think that he can ask for a job from the PF government when he is already the President of the MMD.
In an interview by telephone, Dr. Mumba has told Qfm News that unless he is out of his mind or President Lungu is out of his mind can it be possible for him to ask for a job from the PF government.


Dr. Mumba has wondered what sort of a job he would be given in the PF government when what he wants is to become Zambia’s President.
He since advised Mr. Chama to be truthful and practice politics of morality.
The MMD leader says has never asked for a job from President Lungu.
Dr. Mumba states that it is also not true that the MMD has ever entered into any merger with the ruling PF.
He says any other insinuation other than this fact is probably something made up in some people’s minds.