Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba and Hakainde Hichilema’s relationship is purely a marriage of convenience and it is only a matter of time before the arrangement comes crumbling down, Zambian Voice Executive Director, Chilufya Tayali has observed.


And Tayali has appealed to members in the United Party for National Development (UPND) to pray for their two leaders because their ‘self-inflated’ egos may spark divisions any time.
Tayali says HH’s relationship with Mwamba was purely cosmetic with no affectionate and tolerance.
“UPND members need to pray for the Holy Spirit to calm down the egos of their two leaders because they are both Number 1, therefore a high voltage spark can crack any time. The members should also thank me for telling the two leaders in their faces because that way, they will hold together to prove me wrong. And I will be happy if Zambians can benefit out the pact.” he said.


And the Zambian Voice Executive Director says the UPND leader should explain his source of wealth if Zambians are going to trust him.
Tayali says Hichilema’s wealth had raised more questions than answers and voters had the right to know how he had obtained it.


“I will not pretend or hesitate to say, I generally hate people who seem to have gotten rich by stepping on poor people or taking advantage of national resources. I have no respect for such people and if I had my way, I would do anything to make sure that whatever they got from people is returned. I come from a very poor background and I know how poverty pains. There is no dignity in poverty, so one who steals from you takes away you dignity, so why should I respect him.” he said…..



  1. Koma ndiwe fontini zoona. You are really retarded. What were the statistics for 2015 election? Why are you avoiding the recent election statistics.what are you afraid of? Whether you like it or not,hh is wining 2016.the 1% lungu fraudulantly won has been swallowed and the embarrassment you will suffer tu pf will be too much to bear.sata’s ticket you used as a sympathetic vote in the last election has expired.people had given lungu chance to prove himself but he has failed.the economy is on its knees.what will motivate people to vote for a failure?nothing.please 2016 come quickly so that we deal with these dreamers and show them that we mean business.

  2. A million reasons why Mumba and HH can’t rule Zambia; Nawakwi and Chipimo can Posted On : January 25th, 2013 | Updated On : January 25th, 2013 By Jeff Every time we listen to politicians, as youths we, tend to analyze their impact on us. What is it that they instill in us as future leaders? Without bigotry and cruelty, we observe and analyze our politicians carefully especially the opposition as we believe these are the people who can make the government work by offering checks and balances. I write this article as an individual but I believe every moral youth will settle with me that most of our opposition leaders are useless. Over the past twelve months, I have taken very keen interest in following politics, and in listing the most effective parties, PF, MMD, UPND, NAREP and FDD have appeared to be political parties that participate more in our affairs, and by this I do not connote that they are all effective, instead I mean, they are seen to be front-runners among all political parties. Elias C. Chipimo However, I have a million reasons to believe that Mumba of MMD and HH of UPND will never rule Zambia not in this life time while Chipimo and Nawakwi can, especially now that the boat is in despair. Mumba has an interesting political career in as much as we know. While some Christian groups believe that politics should never be mixed with Christianity some people like Mumba believe that the dual go together. This issue in itself is a complex topic that requires meticulous exploration but I believe there is nothing wrong to mix the two, especially if the intents of the participants are in route with the Christian doctrine. While Mumba has the vast experience compared to our top four opposition leaders, Mumba was once the Zambian VP who was sacked, by Mwanawasa who never tolerated nonsense, because of disruptive. We also know that Mumba had a church and political party that have both collapsed. In developed countries, no voter would assign such a person with the duty to manage a motherland if they can’t cope-up with a small church and political party; we call this failure. Mumba surfaced after RB was whitewashed by Sata, this time we thought, the “Pastor” was here to serve the pugnacious MMD but No!, things are getting more and worse with significant MMD players leaving, being expelled or passing Votes of No confidence against Mumba. In leadership management, Mumba is a liability leader and incapable. A leader does not fix perceived competitors, a leader learns from such persons in order to be better than them. At the helm of Mumba, MMD has further deteriorated and coming to the major reason why Mumba can neither rule nor save Zambia, the perceived MMD hijacker is does nothing to hold the PF accountable. All we see is Mumba in cell because he broke the law stole money or has expelled Kachingwe. Mumba has been on the top of demanding Kabimba to step down as Justice Minister because of allegations of corruption, why can’t he step down as well for stealing money from tax payers while in Canada? Nevers Mumba HH on the other hand has had his own share of failure and we strongly feel the UPND leader is not fit to be in politics. In proving this, the Post editor Fred M’membe in his editorial comment titled “UPND’s declining political fortunes” the editor argued that “Hakainde and the UPND have been experiencing declining political fortunes over the last 10 years. In the 2001 general elections, Levy Mwanawasa of the MMD won the election with 28.69 per cent and behind him was Anderson Mazoka of UPND with 26.76 per cent (a difference of 1.93 per cent). UPND and Andy were new to Zambian politics and had only been campaigning for three years. Levy and the MMD were not new, they had been in power since 1991. And Levy was a former vice-president of the Republic and the MMD itself. But he only managed to defeat Andy by only 1.93 per cent. Levy had polled 506,694 votes while Andy had 472,697. In this election Michael Sata, who had registered his political party less than six months before the elections, got 3.35 per cent of the votes cast. In the 2006 general elections, Levy won with 42.98 per cent with Michael now in the second place with 29.37 per cent. In third position was Hakainde Hichilema representing UDA, an alliance of UNIP, FDD and the UPND itself. In the 2008 presidential by-election that followed the death of Levy, Rupiah Banda of the MMD won with 40.09 per cent, with Michael obtaining 38.13 per cent (a difference of 1.96 per cent). In third place was Hakainde, now under the exclusive ticket of UPND, with 19.70 per cent (a drop of 5.62 per cent from his 2006 performance). And in the 2011 general elections, Michael won with 41.98 per cent, with Rupiah scoring 35.42 per cent while Hakainde dropped further to 18.17 per cent. UPND president Hakainde Hichilema These are statistics we have come to confirm with the relevant authorities and from the early specs, UPND continues to dwindle. Our major concerns are more in the management ability in our leaders. HH claims to be very successful with money and we wonder how he acquired his wealth when he lacks proper management skills. We smell a rat, assuming that wealth might have been acquired through criminal ways. Again, in developed countries, HH would be made to account for his wealth and tell the jobless youths how to make money so that they stop suffering from unemployment and poverty. HH claims he has the, know-how of making money, why can’t he organize several small business management trainings for the youths and teach them how to be wealth like Mr. Hakainde? HH does not only need to be at state house before he can show us that he can work! Every time we see Mumba and his friend HH in the media is when there are at the police or courts, mostly because of their careless mouths or corruption allegations. A youth along Alick Nkhata road is not interested to hear that you slept in police cells last night; they are interested in what you can do for them today before you even get to plot one. The dual felons are at the peak of triggering by-elections together with their counterpart vision-less Patriotic Front. Nawakwi In comparison, each time we hear Chipimo and Nawakwi speak is either they are proposing a solution to the government. Chipimo is the only leader who has shown that he is concerned with jobless youths and in addressing this, Elias proposed to the government to set aside 10% of its public supply contracts for SME’s run by youths and women. If this advice was adopted by PF, it would count a lot. While Mumba and HH are concerned about defeating the PF, Nawakwi seem to be not pleased with the costly By-elections as such she spoke and continues to do so, about the lack of medical equipment in hospitals whenever there are By-election, reaching to an extent where our dear mother vows to decamping political prostitutes who continue to defect from the opposition. There are a million reasons why Mumba and HH can never rule Zambia and in my next commentary, I will outline the first reason why the dual will never rule Zambia