‘Allow soya beans export’

Soya beans
Soya beans

OILSEEDS stakeholders have called on Government to allow the export of 5,000 tonnes of soya beans to meet pre-existing contracts.


Last week, the stakeholders had a meeting to review the current soya beans marketing and export arrangements.
The stakeholders further agreed to meet in November to assess whether there is need to restrict exports of the commodity.


“The stakeholders unanimously agreed to recommend to Government for the export of 5,000 tonnes of soya beans to be allowed to satisfy niche non-Genetically Modified Organisms markets as well as meet pre-existing contracts,” the Zambia National Farmers Union (ZNFU) Friday brief states.


The deliberations, emphasised the need to ensure that local demand of soya beans was met and also fulfil export commitments on already established markets.
They said between now and November, it is envisaged that the poultry industry will have ample time to meet their requirements by approaching traders and other crushers with the bean.


The stakeholders said there is need for soya beans off-takers to enter into pre-planting contracts with farmers to ensure they produce enough to satisfy the local demand, with excess to export.
Meanwhile, there were concerns raised during the meeting that some livestock farmers are failing to access maize bran and hence the need to restrict exports to satisfy local demand.


ZNFU however advised that a budget submission had been made to address this problem.
The union also highlighted that there is need for the collection of grain levies to be harmonised by districts as there are reports by traders that bags of maize in transit are being charged a levy in every district they pass through.
The meeting observed that consultations by councils before introduction of any levies and transparency in using resources were so far, lacking.