HH has never even been a councillor,he doesn’t understand real politics-Phiri


The ruling Patriotic Front (PF) deputy Secretary General Mumbi Phiri has advised United Party National Development (UPND) leader Hakainde Hichilema to start respecting other people’s professions.
Mr. Hichilema recently asked President Edgar Lungu to resign as Head of State stating that he should leave the office for people who had economic skills to govern the country.
But Ms Phiri said being an economist did mean that Mr. Hichilema could be a good President of Zambia stating that he should stop dreaming because the Zambian people would never let him govern Zambia.
She said it was clear that Mr. Lungu was doing well as the Head of State of this Country and that the people of Zambia had been able to see that.


“Hakainde Hichilema should not think as though he is the most educated person and he is the only one with the skills to run this county. He should learn to respect other people’s professionals,” Ms Phiri said.
She said the UPND leader was not the most educated person in the country for him to think he alone had the capacity to run the country.


“We cannot all be economists, we cannot all be doctors, God gives us talent differently that is how we are all able to contribute effectively to the development of this nation,” Ms. Phiri said.
She said it was difficult to ascertain whether Mr. Hichilema could run Zambia effectively if the Zambian people were to give him a chance because he has never run any country.


“So he is a joker. Am in Lubansenshi as I speak in the on-going campaigns, I didn’t hear what he said but what is on the ground here is that he is not trusted,” Ms. Phiri said.
She advised Mr. Hichilema to encourage former Kasama central Member of Parliament Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba commonly known as GBM to withdraw the case in the courts of law so that it could prove that the UPND could win the seat.


Ms Phiri said the UPND could not be trusted with any power because they do not even understand the separation of power. “They are arguing with Mr. Speaker when we have a precedence where Ben Tetamashimba resigned from the UPND and joined the MMD and his election was nullified, but them because they do not understand governance. HH has never even been a councillor, he cannot understand these things,” Ms. Phiri said.
“Is that a person you can trust, somebody who does not understand a simple nullification of a seat by the speaker, is that the person you can trust?,”she said.



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  1. Exactly what i have been thinking..Like where the hell does he get the guts to think he can run this country better than EL..Anyway tulelolela 2016 nipano tuli. Chimo chikapona. # Brian Chewe Martin Chewe Francis Chanda Raphael Chitundu

  2. Mumbi Phiri is demented, KK and FTJ Chiluba they were never mps or councillors before they became presidents of this country Mumbi Phiri is confused and mad.

  3. Another PF idiot comes out of the gate to show her stupidity. Real politics are how to damage the economy & loadshade the country? If that is the case,then HH doesn’t need to understand them because he cares for Zambians.

  4. Hh has never been pre school teacher so he can’t teach at pre school. Is there a college where they offer lessons for one to be a councillor so that we take Hh. Iam sure Hh will excel coz he is intelligent & Mumbi Phiri will be very happy. From there he will go to mp college and then that of presidents. I don’t know who the lecturers are. Is it Mumbi?

  5. a quick popularity rating cn easily tell whose winning th presidency next year? if only each n evry person ws to hv a phone n access to social media. take fo instance positiv or negativ comments regardless of who runs which media. food for thought

  6. Wisdom is the most important thing on earth.Our Late president Sata,was using wisdom not i sukulu.Hh may hv wisdom to try and control issues affecting people of Zambia.Show us that u have something to help us solving out problems we have now as country.Hh plz show them that you can do more than they do,you have my votes, if you were choosen by God to rule Zambia.

  7. There she goes again, it seems the only reasonable thing she knows best to say is HH but when it comes to explaining what measures they have in place to ensure that cost of living is reduced, she cannot. Its no wonder they think building of roads is the same as economic freedom. There are people whom even if they have never been in politics but ended up to be better politician than people who just talk like u

  8. Leadership is frm God,its nt abt being councilor first en then president that you can be a gud leader.if God haz chosen you,whether you were a councilor or nt you ll definetely be a president.

  9. Do u need to be a coucilor for u to deliver? I think u got it all wrong. Your education is misleading you and your interpretation of issues is below the level of a mad person.

  10. Who said to kno politics u nided to have bin a councillor b4, inda States they’ve donald truimp and benson carson that have not represented any govt office position b4. Donald is a busines jst lik HH let the pipo choose whose fit for office not pipo that have failed and can’t make a press conference to let pipo know wat they hav planned

  11. What credit do you get by being a councilor in a useless local goverment.in modern governance we dont need people who just open the mouth and talk nosense.HH,is a true economical manager,he has the qualities,he is managing his business exceptionally well.what values or contributions are your councilors giving us apart from busy selling play parks?