Fast-track court convicts over 1,000 motorists in 3 months


The Lusaka Fast-Track Court for Traffic Offences has convicted over a thousand motorists for abrogating various traffic regulations over the past three months.



According to a statement issued by Road Transport and Safety Agency public relations officer Fredrick Mubanga, dangerous driving still remains one of the highest offences recorded under the Fast-Track Court.

“A total number of eight motorists are currently serving jail sentences for committing different road traffic offences. Some sentences were custodial while others were in default of payment of fines. Dangerous driving still remains as one of the highest offences recorded under the Fast Court for Traffic Offences,” Mubanga stated.



He stated that 233 motorists were convicted of dangerous driving while another 233 drivers were charged for the offence of Expired Road Tax.

Mubanga added that the agency was concerned with the increased number of unlicensed drivers on public roads.

He stated that the number of unlicensed drivers on the public roads correlated with the high number of accidents in the country caused by human error.



“Statistics further reveal that a total of 99 drivers were convicted for the offence of unlicensed driving,” Mubanga stated.

He stated that due to the high number of traffic offences, the agency had scaled enforcement by introducing weekly operations targeted at curbing unlicensed driving, speeding and driving under the influence of alcohol, among others.

“The enforcement operations will target random weekend testing of drunk drivers, wearing of seat belts, speed management, dangerous drivers, use of mobile phones and use of unregistered motor vehicles, among others,” stated Mubanga.

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