Milupi accuses PF of taking development to its strongholds


Charles Milupi has charged that the resolution by Cabinet that the 2016 national budget should focus on completing projects currently underway will mean that only areas the PF thinks are their strongholds will benefit.
Mr. Milupi says infrastructure development is only being carried out in areas the PF consider to be their strongholds.


He states that there many areas in the country where there is totally no infrastructure development taking place.
Mr Milupi notes that with the Cabinet resolution, the 2016 budget will be more of a campaign budget to be used to attract more support for the ruling party and will not be based on doing what is right for the country.


Mr Milupi further states that the decision will also mean that the economy will continue to perform very badly and poverty levels will continue to be on the rise in the country.
But National Movement for Progress President Ng’andu Magande says the idea of completing infrastructure projects currently underway is welcome.


Mr. Magande says it makes sense to ensure that the projects that are currently undertaken are completed before embarking on new ones.