State House completes probe


State House says it has concluded its investigations into the state of operations at Zambia-China Mulungushi Textile in Kabwe.

Special Assistant to the President for Project Monitoring and Implementation, Lucky Mulusa says the findings and Government’s decision will be announced once approved by the Attorney General.



Mr. Mulusa told ZNBC News in Lusaka on Monday that Government wants to see Zambia-China Mulungushi Textiles operational in the earliest possible time and is concerned about the high unemployment levels in Kabwe.

Government in April this year announced that it will review the Mulungushi Textiles lease agreement with the Tanzanian investor, Mohammed Enterprises Textiles Limited because of the alleged violation of provisions.



Mr. Mulusa also recommended the termination of the agreement after discovering stacks of fertiliser and detergent paste concealed in one of the warehouses.