GBM delivers Kasama ward to UPND in less than 9 days


The past by election presented an interesting picture. PF should not even be excited about this victory because the larger picture doesn’t favour them.

Bululu Ward in the Kasama Central Constituency had been taken by the UPND candidate Mr Mutale Kabwe. Our candidate got 781 whereas the PF candidate got 587.

It is interesting to note that the rainbow party got a chunk of PF supporters.PF as a party are a finished entity, the alliance with MMD doesn’t yield meaningful results.

If people were saying GBM is not a factor, they should rethink, he just delivered the kasama ward to upnd in less than 9 days of assuming office and such are the inroads as a party we needed.
Apa kuti twasokola imboyo pa window yandeke.

Lungu won’t see that 1% victory margin again, we will give that to Rainbow Party to sort him out and destroy PF structures. This victory should not make PF excited, it’s like upnd cerebrating after winning Choma central.

We appreciate the contribution in this bye election by UPND Katombolwa MP and Dundumwezi MP Hon. Edgar Singombe and others too numerous to mention, job well done.



  1. Winning one local govt by election will hv no impact on da outcome of ksm central constituency results coz it wz jst a fluke 4 UPND win. Its more lyk askn FDD 2 start celebrating on a local govt by election dat dey won last tym in Mungwi dat dey hav ored won da entire Malole constituency wic cn b regarded as an total madness.