Andrew Banda
Andrew Banda

The Patriotic Front has to be voted out of power next year because they will kill us all if they continue beyond 2016, says Andrew Banda. In an interview yesterday, Banda said the job losses in the mines, the depreciated currency, high cost of living and massive load-shedding was a sign that the government had failed its citizens. “Please fellow Zambians, let us vote out the PF next year.


They will kill us with hunger, with frustrations and with depression if they go beyond 2016. Look at the mining sector, it has collapsed; look at the health sector, it has collapsed. People are not eating. There is hunger in their homes,” Andrew said.

“What they are doing is not godly and I can assure you that these people will end up in hell because mulungu ofuna lini vinthu vo teti (God doesn’t want such things). Abena Zambia ba chula pa fula.” He said President Edgar Lungu and his ministers do not care whether Zambians were suffering or not. “Nothing is standing strong; everything is in a mess because of bad management. They don’t care whether Zambians are comfortable or not as long as they remain in power.

They get free fuel, each minister is entitled to 800 litres per month, free cars, everything is free! And the President keeps travelling around the world with a huge entourage at great cost to the nation,” Andrew said. “Do these people have the capacity to do anything in their last 12 months? The answer is they don’t.


The leadership of the PF doesn’t have the capacity to solve the problems that this country has got. Maybe five people in that Cabinet have the ability to solve problems but they will pretend all is well to make themselves comfortable while 90 per cent of the people are suffering. It is not right! That’s why some of us are saying it is ungodly.”
He said the PF government had wasted so much money through by-elections.

“To elect Edgar Lungu, it cost $300 million plus. Now every parliamentary by-election that takes place in this country costs $2 million. We have had nearly 30 of them and if you multiply, that is $60 million. But here is a government led by Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu who would have spent $400 million dollars on useless elections. With $400 million, you can build over 5,000 medical centres in Zambia.


If we are to build schools, we can build just as many schools on the same amount of money that this government is spending on elections. And to do what? To do nothing but to sustain themselves in government so that they can be wearing nice suits and driving nice cars which they never dreamt of?” Andrew wondered.

“These guys are getting loans and they are going to divert it to campaigns. But they are pretending that this is for military or this is for such a thing but they just want to use that money to perpetuate their power.


All this is meant to manipulate the Constitution so that they have the numbers and they do have the numbers now, but Zambians have now reached a situation where they have realised that these people are not in power for service but for themselves.” He said a new constitution is needed to avoid ‘useless’ by-elections.

“The solution is to have a constitution which is transparent. We can’t have this business of a guy just waking up and saying, ‘Today I am going to be PF’ and the whole country must stop and go and have a by-election. We must have a situation where if somebody defects, that seat must remain with the political party which that particular person won it on.

That way, we will be protecting resources. We can’t have this,” said Andrew.
“A lot of people think the Constitution is something to play with but it is the supreme law of the land. But they have actually mutilated the Constitution.


They do anything they want and yet they swear on the Bible and say they shall uphold it. They are not honest people, that’s why I am saying what they are doing is not holy.”


  1. Is development injurious that people should be afraid of? The PF has no other agenda other than developing Zambia. Those who are allergic to development should stay away, let them find somewhere to live because PF is set to develop every part of Zambia.

  2. Zambians Andrew has said what was supposed to be said, its now us to make our best choices or worded after all we are all seeing the negatives with our own eyes. its not a matter of saying what Andrew did but its all about making a right decision for a better Zambia. Stop pointing fingers and react for the betterment tomorrow.

  3. This man must keep quiet if he has nothing to say about pf many of us we are not politicians but we follow it, observe it and criticize only when its necessary. One thing this man must remember is that his father and his took Zambia as if it was for sale. We so corruption everywhere without respect of Zambian laws . No heart for the poor. We really thank god for pf . Though you are not perfect we wish you the best. As for banda twakana ukubwelela kumalushi . Walya mbuya

  4. God told de isrealist to mark on there doors wth de blood nd wen he visits de egyptians to kill de first borns including de succesor of pharao,,he said if he sees de blood he’ll pass over,,so dat hunger t’ll kill u alone am hidden n de blood of my saviour nd de death of hunger lll pass over me nd my family.

  5. Ifyo efyamba elyo ulichipuba ichikulu nacho do u thnk zesco z pf?zesco z jx a company on its on de government babafye nama sharez nd pipo dying in minez wz dat accident it wz’nt de first tym pipo dying pa mine?so if u wnt 2vote ma part out do it wth yo crazy family.

  6. Ba Andrew muleikalafye,lekeni bambi balandeko,is it not your father who is holding the president at ransom just because he helped by campaigning for him?its your father who is the arctect of these problems,

  7. Failures in life wil alwys be like dat,,:e has neva done any good to himself evn wen he has had an opotunity,,he drinks best whisky and fight over cheap prostitutes in East point,,,useless mwana opezamo

  8. Instead of US voting them out of power lets work 2gether by bringing solutions 2 de challenges we r facing as a NATION…..after all OUR President is the MOST qualified compared 2 the other Presidential aspirants….why should we go AGAIN with a try & error REGIME….

  9. I believe God choose lungu for a purpose and our father alone knows the suitable president for mother Zambia be hubble and God will pick you to be one than lying to people and busy destroying your friends name day and night it does not work

  10. The way people behave as if we are the only country facing bad times when you know for sure that Americans dollar is gaining too much power , please learn to follow news out zambia and read more about current affair worldwide t always make sure you listen to the parliament issues follow the governments news closely that way you will not be lied by people who only want to benefit ther needs and desperate to become leaders

  11. Bad campaigning strategy kindly find other words to lie to the people of Zambia , I think politicians should not take us for a ride which killing when the government does not sleep to see things move we should even learn to appreciate ther effort some of the things happening are so uncontrollable it will take the grace of God .

  12. if u see the house andrew stays here in chipata u can cry,mumawindow anafaka vinkhadibox va boom the house is about to fall ati former ambasador to italy?

  13. It’s just true!and if just because you can afford to buy a car because of a p f awarded contract doesn’t mean the country is doing well.continue denying the truth and let God judge you!

  14. Is Busy Vomiting In Public.He Wil Nevr Hav A Post In Gvmt& They Dnt Make Names Pa Zed Lyk That.U Make A Name By Good Did’s.Fuck Wth Th Party He’s Thinkin To Put

  15. This is the most clever family in Zambia atleast they will continue eating in all governments coz they cast their nets very wide only people with eyes can see that !when the father brings children eats when children brings the father eats !

  16. This is the most clever family in Zambia atleast they will continue eating in all governments coz they cast their nets very wide only people with eyes can see that !

  17. Ok bane mwe basapota pf twebeni ifyawamapo mu pf Government. Twilasapota ichina mpofu.mwapitamo na mukomboni mwamona abantu efyo balechula.Pf fyonse ni pamaka nga bashikwete amaka balaya kwi? Load shedding fuel prices up kwacha ni ku Zimbabwe namba . Farmer ashitishe amataba kuli ba private business men umutengo wa bunga mukakontolola shani? Tamwishibe miler umutengo aleshitilamo amataba? Andrew alifye bwino.

  18. me I can’t vote ba fikala aba mwembwaimwe mwalya Ba STAH at mushale mwapyana mulecitafye amafi ,we muntu u ar going to learn hw to end loadshelding wa bula naicipuba cinobe ci RB nimwe ,umuntu alelanda musala umuntu u wingateka takwete vision uyo

  19. Rubbish you en ur father almost killed us, pocketing tax payers money, you corruptly sold Zamtel en now the Libyans are goin to the international court, u cud not think of the impact that brought, pipo lost their jobs wich increased unemployment in our country, lelo ponyonyo ponyonyo atase…

  20. Some people pretend as if all is well. If its well with you then better for you cause the majority of Zambians are suffering, don’t have jobs, can not afford a meal, some kids are not in school all because of your bad selfish decisions you make when voting.
    Andrew Banda is just advising as to see, open our eyes and act before its too late period.

  21. Yes Banda PF must be voted out next year now the question is, who is going rule aprt from E. Lungu that is where we have a big problem. the devil you know is better than an angel you don’t know.

  22. For Those Egnorant Economist Do U Knw That Zambian Economy Is Much Better Than Most Countries Around? Dnt B Lazy U Shud Knw Wat 2 Politicise About. Evn Supper Powers Lyk China Ar Cmplaining Bcoz Of Global Economical Crisis. Vote 4 Whosoever U Wnt And Fold Yo Arms U C Wat Wil Happen. Banda Is Used Eatn In Pipos Houses.

  23. Ah! Andrew Banda Dosnt Think! And U Ar A Child. Ar U Rpresenting Zambians Or Yo Own Kids? U Ar Lazzy Thats Y U Always Complain. “We Lov Wat Pf Is Doing.”

  24. no government will change this country its up to you/me/us to change one man cannot change everything its up to us to take that step and decide what needs to be done not on one man.

  25. We can only improve in Zambia once we change our mindset. Our mindsets are corrupt, we believe in free resources and handouts. Let’s change our mindsets, be positive, cooparate to achieve our goals and get improved. Leaders dn’t pretend.

  26. Vote your self out u are busy losing all 10 by election ,wat do u think u will tell pipo to vote them out if u can’t convece pipo to vote 4 u in by election wat can u say

    • Good 4 yo insults bro,,,mark my words hh wi never b a president of Zambia…u sha remember my words.thanks again 4 yo insults and i invite you to give me more..i enjoy insults wen am right

  27. Ok Guyz Bt Seriously Its True Dat Da Pf Shld B Voted Out 2016, We’re Way Backwards. Hw Can Da Head Of State B Bringin In2 Da Party Pipo Dat Re Thieves N Those Dat Wre Busy Insultin Da Founder Of Da Same Party, Da Farmers Dpend On Da Government 2 Buy Dre Maize Bt Dat Aint Hapenin Dis Year N Whre Do Dey Xpected Dem 2 Sel Cz Da Congoles Dnt Owaz Agred 2 Da Price. Its True Da Education Sector N Health Re A Mes N Nthn Is Nt Bin Done, Honest Pipo In Government Re Bin Kicked Out N Journalists Telin Da Pipo Da Truth Re Bin Arested.

  28. its true politik means many confusion ayi! am NOT a serious exponent of any party, but i can assure u tht what came out of a wrecked pot ‘andrew banda’ is legibly genuine. almost ALL the comments abov from our FOOLISH ELDERLY PEOPLE shows how ignorant & blind they hav been & how unsecured our profenity is if left in hands of these elders who can not completely SEE how the economy has been ruined.

  29. We are busy complaining and critising our Zambia while foreigners are smiling banking every day in our BAD economy . A Chinese can make money in this economy just by roasting green Maize in one of the streets in Lusaka . Andrew ulova niozifunila .ulesi ngako wezyobelela kunyopola va Rupia .waona yakunyokola nzala ka .

  30. Andrew is a disrespect son, a person who failed to give respect his father,who u expect he will? none. he lost manners so leave him & his languish mouth, he will vote out PF alone! go to he lost son your father will never forgive u!

    • so u mean that! if ur father suffering. u can’t help him just bcoz he sins against u? dear I know u respect ur parents but u are just pretending. andrew is a fool he don’t hav manners cos his father said ” andrew ni mwana wanga ndiala nga yamunyokola abwela mu kudia ku nyumba kwanga” may b u can do the same to ur father hai?

  31. If u r bitter continue….yo path, de truth is its nt PF killing u, u got no plan for future and family, common u think yo political part gonna give us free food and essential basics for our lives, de answer is NO ..

  32. Well said Andrew Banda,indeed one word is enough for the wise.I can see that some people are addicted to poverty and that is the legacy they want to leave for their children when they die,”that my parents were the poorest who ever lived in Zambia ”

  33. Mukukula shame on u think there is no solution to these problems ?Do u think somebody else can solve these problems ? U r the pipo pulling us done always talking abt winning elections..yes u win then what? fail to solve same problems…

  34. no wonder you are still a dependant at your age, your father said it, you lack proper reasoning, hw do u expct someone to develop a country in jst months when you yourself u’v faild to develop your life in 40+ years..give him time, it took 5 years for you to start seing mwanawasas works, and you want to see d same developments in somdody whose been in power for less than a year..that’s Big joke, Nowander HH can not win, his surounded by fools, or maybe you’re birds of the same feathers with him..

  35. Andrew is just advising us zambians to vote the pf out because if we continue with this government Zambia will be in serious problems in the near future, kwasila no explanation

  36. It is only people like Andrew Banda who lived the crooked way who are not in agreement with the current government. If anyone lived honestly and within their means whether businessmen or whoever I do not see any scuffles today. People like Andrew Banda, we all heard your dealings. Sit Sir and do the right thing.

  37. Vote them out kaili u can do all that by yo self. When yo father was a president there was lord shedding, njala yezeko. You never advised yo father to rebuld or extend the dam, naka farm kobe tawakwete. Look back ku Chibumba Levy he had a farm.

  38. Shallow thinking, you think the next government won’t inherit the problems that pf is already facing?
    It will take years and years for things to change in Zambia.
    The problem that we have as Zambians is that we think that when we change government all the problems will suddenly disappear and people will be employed immediately but no it doesn’t work that way.
    We are already in debt the so called next government will inherit it as well.
    At the end of the day everyone is corrupt.
    The devil you know is better than the Angel you don’t know.
    Come 2016 pf is winning.

  39. pf party of completely futureless creatures!!!!jameson government of visionless,euro bond government….poor family!!!!2016 the vote is not secret!!!!