1 700 jobs to be created in the next 6months

Police arrest protesting jobless ex-UNZA students
Police arrest protesting jobless ex-UNZA students

At least 1-thousand 700 jobs will be created in Zambia in the next 6 months, through the Women’s Entrepreneurial Center of Resources, Education, Access, and Training for Economic Empowerment, a US government supported project.

Project Executive Director, Nambula Kachumi says the jobs will be created though the establishment and expansion of already existing women-led businesses.



Ms Kachumi has added that the project, at its maiden centre in Lusaka’s Chawama township, is training women in business, empowering them with business and management skills.

She has further explained that the project intends to open satelite centres in rural areas of the country, so that there is wide access to its services.



Ms Kachumi has also disclosed that very soon, other countries in Africa will be sending delegations to Zambia to learn how the project is being implemented, for the purposae of replicating it in their countries.

She was speaking on Wednesday when she featured on the news and current affairs segment of TV 2′s Morning Live programme.