Man murdered over 50 ngwee

Judge Mallet; Hammer
Judge Mallet; Hammer

THE Kabwe High Court has found a 42-year-old man of Mumbwa with a case to answer for the murder of a 20-year-old man over 50 ngwee.
Lawrence Mahachi is charged with one count of murdering Masauso Sakala on July 25 last year.

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Mahachi appeared before Kabwe High Court Judge Elita Mwikisa when the matter came up for continuation of trial.
“I have heard the prosecution’s evidence and they have proved a case against Mahachi,” Ms Justice Mwikisa said.
Christina Kubaya, 24, testified that on the material day Sakala went to the bar where she works and asked for change for a K20.


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“When I gave him the change, a 50 ngwee coin fail on the floor and the man who was seated in the corner of the bar picked and claimed that it was his,” Ms Kubaya said.
Ms Kubaya said she did not know the man but had seen him on three occasions at the bar and identified him before the court as Mahachi.
Ms Kubaya told the court that she recounted the money she gave Sakala and found that a 50 ngwee coin was missing.


“I asked the man who picked the coin to give it back but he refused and this is when another man came to ask for a K5 change and gave the man K1.50 and he gave back the 50 ngwee coin to Sakala,” Ms Kubaya said.
She said Sakala then left the bar and after some minutes the other man left as well.


She told the court that the next day Sakala’s young brother went to the bar to ask for chairs to use at a funeral for Sakala, who had died.
Constable Boyd Malama, 26, testified that on July 25 he received a report from James Sakala, who informed him that his son had been beaten by unknown people.


Mr Malama told the court that during investigations, Dorothy Banda and Mercy Malinda told him that they witnessed the beating of Sakala by Mahachi.
“I arrested Mahachi and he admitted having had a quarrel with Sakala over a coin but denied beating him,” Mr Malama said.
Mr Malama said he arrested Mahachi and charged him with the offence of murder.

Ms Justice Mwikisa adjourned the case to today (July 28) for defence.



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