GBM sues Zambia Daily Mail

GBM - Lubinda - Willie Nsanda . Photo Credit The Zambian Voice
GBM - Lubinda - Willie Nsanda . Photo Credit The Zambian Voice

Former Kasama Central Member of Parliament Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba has sued the Zambia Daily Mail for libel over an article published in its edition of 25th July, 2015 under the headline “GBM issues tribal remarks”.

In a statement of claim filed in the High Court today through his lawyers Mushipe and Associates, Mr. Mwamba said the newspaper falsely, maliciously and wantonly caused to be printed defamatory information that he hurled tribal-laden invectives at PF Mfuwe MP Mwimba Malama, sparking a near punch-up t Parliament, and that he further threatened to beat up Mr Malama and Chilubi MP Obvious Chisala, labeling them as people coming from small tribes which Bembas would finish politically.

Mr. Mwamba complains that in their natural and ordinary meaning the words meant and were understood to mean that he is a perpetrator of tribalism who has less or no regard of other tribes in Zambia, and that he is a Bemba tribesman who sees himself and the Bemba tribe as superior, and otherwise regards other citizens belonging to other tribes as insignificant.

He further complains that in consequence, his reputation has been seriously damaged as a businessman with various businesses local and international, as well as his political aspirations as he is an political figure, and has thus suffered considerable distress and embarrassment as he has been brought into public scandal, ridicule, odium, contempt and disrepute.

Mr Mwamba is claiming punitive damages,general damages,exemplary damages and damages for anguish and emotional turmoil suffered as a result of the said libelous publications.



  1. As far as i know GBM has no positive reputation which he wants to project, another sign that he is not ready to defend his seat. Daily mail reported waht you said and i have the verbatim for your stupid behavior. Whats wrong for the paper to report what you are?

  2. Which reputation? The one of equating GBV to love or the one of insulting people he perceives to be poor? Stop wasting the courts time!!

  3. He is feeling de impact now,imagine GBM geting worried wit critics!!! dis z wat we call reduction.