Harrington writes to Edgar Lungu on Barotseland agreement issue

William Harrington
William Harrington

Barotse National Freedom Alliance Trustee (BNFA) trustee William Harrington has dismissed media reports suggesting that he had written to president Edgar Lungu requesting him to allow the people of western province to secede from the rest of Zambia

Mr. Harrington says such media reports are misleading because they are far from the truth.

HE states that in his letter to president Lungu which he says was couched in plain and simple English, he was merely asking president Lungu to allow for international arbitration as a logical, peaceful, legal and impartial option of resolving the long standing issue of Barotseland agreement of 1964, or its abrogation through unilateral constitutional amendments by the government in 1969.

Mr. Harrington says the media report suggesting otherwise are therefore incorrect and mischievous.