GBM challenges PF, media over Tribal remarks

Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba - GBM
Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba - GBM

Dear Friends,
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.
My weekend was mixed with a bereavement and a walk into the past.

Earlier on Saturday we had a funeral and a burial of my In Law Mr. Adolphus Mubanga Snr who passed on during last week MHSRIEP.


Later in the evening I took sometime to mingle with my friends at the Municipal Sports Club and the Lusaka Flying Club in Longacres area.

It was a walk in the past and a “chill” as the new generation calls it. I also had an opportunity to meet up with my elder brothers His Honour the former Republican Vice President Mr. Enock Kavindele, Mr Gilbert Temba and Mr. Geoffrey Mulenga and others at the Lusaka Flying Club.


But it hasn’t been a weekend without drama, particularly in the media. GBM has been headline in all Government controlled print media and those that are pro PF. Let me say, non of these papers have contacted me to clarify the stories they are carrying and have a misleading picture to the public on whatever may have transpired last week Friday.


I understand their sales have increased for a person considered a non factor by their bosses and themselves.


The incident that happened at Parliament has been reported in a manner that would please the Government. Professional reporting has just gone into the gutter and to think that it is taxpayers money that sustains these papers leaves me appalled to say the least.


To whom did they speak to, to get and publish untruths. It seems they do not learn and would wish to face libel charges.

I wish to urge these editors that as public media theirs is to inform the truth that they have physically obtained themselves and not my masters voice. You will be in trouble and you put your jobs at stake, when your master go into political oblivion soon.


As for Hon Malama, I do understand his frustration and anger that his tenure on the front bench and luxurious job of Deputy Minister is about to end hence his disrespect and uncouth behaviour to confront me and try to belittle me over my decision. I don’t know whether he wanted his boss to elevate him to full cabinet. There is life after politics young man and in Nabwalya too.


As for those peddling lies that I used Tribal remarks, get your facts right. I do not see any difference between the Bemba’s, Bisa’s and Tabwa’s. My father was Chief Mpepo in Bisa Land.

we know it is ploy by PF to label me a tribalist now because their continued accusation that UPND was a regional party does not hold any water now because of its national character at all levels.

I will be sharing more with you as the day and week progress.

Have a good day


  1. Utubwa utwa chula tuli busy ukunkana GBM get a life mwetubwa mwe, wiso ni chushiuli busy ukuntakana GBM pali ka chakolwa…. Kumotomola zina nikulakwa

  2. Mr. Paul, when you point a finger at GBM,remember 4 fingers are pointing at you. It is his decision.make yours today! It is never too late.

  3. The PF scheme of labelling UPND a tribal party is over. Get some thing else from your bag of tricks, we aint buying tribal sentiments any more UPND is a national party- unlike the party of hipocrites, today they say no to tribalism but when its suites them, its ” wako ni wako” shame on you.

  4. Just resign don’t think we don’t understand the law. This is why Burundi, coz leaders don’t respect the law. One day dog will eat dog. This is frustrating.