Double tobela, Sampa, GBM

Chilufya Tayali :I am very disappointed that a scuffle at Parliament between GBM and other MPs has been blown out of proportions by taking it out of context. This certainly is the work of some power hungry PF members who want to destroy GBM after his crossing over to UPND.

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I posted a story I received from some PF members because I took it as a joke but I got alarmed when I saw it in the ZNBC News. This is an abuse of Public media because the news was purposely coined to malign GBM by portraying him as a thug without any self-control.


This story has been brought out of context because like many of us, we joke and get dirty in certain environments especially at our workplaces. Personally I am a serious loose cannon among my friends I joke with. The things we talk about would be big scandals if they were taken out of that context.

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I have been among MPs at Parliament and at the motel, these guys joke among themselves and you would not even tell which party they below to because they act the same, men and women alike.
Of course at times jokes can also represent the truth and others might get offended, however, it should not be taken out of context otherwise many marriages would end and many of us would not be able to walk in public.


I am not here to launder GBM of his weaknesses but state facts from the way I have experienced GBM.
It is a fact that GBM is very emotional and can be isolate. This is a fact because he has also blasted and insulted me for a good 3 minutes when I challenged him on some issues which I did not agree with him.
However, beyond that emotional character there is a very soft man, loving person, generous and a sweet guy.


GBM cares for people far more than any of these gentlemen in PF who are trying to portray GBM as a thug. In fact, it is true that GBM helped a lot of these PF members who want to stand up today and malign him. I personally know some of them and I DARE THEM TO CONTINUE ON THE SAME PATH I WILL EXPOSE THEM.


I know most of you (including PF holy father) and how you have benefited from GBM so behave otherwise I will tell the public what minions you were before GBM came to your aid. It is true some of you got jobs through GBM so you can afford to dress nicely.
In spite of his outburst GBM is a good listener. The man takes advice regardless of who dispenses it. A number of times I have not agreed with him but to-date he is one of my close friends among the politicians. You may disagree chases you out of his sight but later on reflects and if he releases your point he calls you back and tenders an apology in a most sincere and humble way. I am speaking from experience not hearsay.


He is certainly not perfect in the way he does some of these things but I can assure you he far better than most of these leaders in PF today who are as corrupt as the devil. GBM takes advantage of his power to make the most in his business but other PF leaders just steal from Zambians.
GBM is also very generous though like any businessman/politicians he will not just give gratuitously unless it serves his interest somehow, otherwise he would have sponsored my Zambian Voice. But that I will not crucify him for that because I only need unconditional and free sponsorship not to sing anyone’s glory.


However, I know many people who have received money from him in a big way. When he was Minister of Defense, his office and home was usually flooded with people asking for help including those who are maligning him.


At his house, GBM’s lunch is usually like matebeto because there are so many people around him. This to me represents a man who loves people, a man who is approachable. He is more richer than Wynter but he has not bodyguards around him. I would definitely want such a man for a leader as long as he has good advisers because he listens.
If anything GBM compliments HH in some way because GBM is spontaneous and natural but HH stage manages his social interaction. HH would rather concentrate on engaging the business community and the elite while GBM gets on the ground.


I hope they (GBM and HH) can also listen to correct GBM dual party membership, because that is a wrong move.
That said, I would like to urge GBM to be more careful because the PF of Edgar Lungu and his Godfather Papa Corruption will stop at nothing to retain power, because they are scared of prosecution from the vicious bull-dog Mutembo Nchito who hates criminals. They will destroy him if he is not careful. PF has RB to help them scheme malice which is so effective to destroy even powerful people like Fred M’membe in the public eye. So watch it, some of us have nothing to lose, dead or alive, this is why we just talk freely.

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  1. Ba tayali just find better ways of lobbying for money from GBM. Ur now proving to be a useful idiot