He has never shaved me, says wife, as marriage is dissolved


A LUSAKA house wife has complained in the Lusaka Boma Court of how her husband has never shaved her private parts in their 15 years of marriage.


Constance Mukuka, 32, of Mtendere told senior magistrate Petronella Kalyelye that her husband Prosper Chanda’s close relationship with his mother has further contributed to the lack of intimacy in their marriage.
Mukuka told the court that Chanda is not allowed to have sexual intercourse when his mother is visiting.


“I don’t understand the relationship he has with his mother. The bond between them is a bit weird because he is not allowed to have sex with me when she is visiting us. My mother-in-law always wants to be left alone with him even at odd hours and I am not privy to what they discuss,” she said.
This is in a case in which Chanda sued Mukuka for divorce. The two got married in 2000 and have three children together. Bride price was paid.
Mukuka complained that after they had their third child, Chanda deliberately denied her conjugal rights for six consecutive years because his mother said so.


“My husband chased me from our matrimonial home because my mother-in-law did not want us having sexual intercourse. She said we had to sleep in separate bedrooms because she did not want me to conceive again. I have never met an in-law who does not want her married son to be intimate with his wife because she wants him to herself,” she complained.
But Chanda told the court that Mukuka accused him of having a sexual relationship with his biological mother.


“My wife said she was told by a witch doctor that my mother moves her [wife] out of our bed at night using magic in order to have sex with me,” Chanda said.
He said Mukuka started denying him his conjugal rights and would only do so after pleading with her.


Chanda accused his wife of being unfaithful and disrespectful.
Passing judgment, the court found that the duo has had no sex for long and that there was too much interference from Chanda’s family.
The court ended the marriage and ordered Chanda to be paying Mukuka K400 for 10 months.



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