Tonga secession, a mere gimmick for PF to ignite violence-Saboi

Saboi Imboela
Saboi Imboela

The Tonga secession talk by govt is nothing but a mere gimmick to be violent and arrest people. It’s a shame that Lungu can even dwell on it like that- thot u had better things to do Mr. President. Maybe we are not paying u enough as a country and we should increase your salary???

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The PF has devised a mechanism of violence whenever they see that they are losing something and so want kufilila munsenga (whatever the spelling), but it won’t work with this Tonga secession talk.

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You shall not always win with violence, our eyes are now wide open and watching u very carefully. They have arrested and tortured many Lozis, including indunas, in Western province, grabbed guns from people, which they bought with their own money, forgetting that some of these places that people live in are real bushes.


Zambia is at its worst economically, socially and even politically, and the PF will be shown the door come 2016. So the plan to divide Zambia will not work coz the next president will rule Zambia as a Unitary State that it’s been since 1964, under the motto One Zambia, One Nation. Instead of dealing with Chama and what he’s done and been saying u are busy creating bigger problems which u don’t even have the capacity to solve. With intermarriages, working in any part of Zambia by all people from all parts of Zambia, etc, how can Zambia even divide itself?


Just sort out real issues affecting the country and stop that goobledygook- as my husband Mpombo wud say- Zambia is bigger than all your selfish ambitions and desires. Just start parking and leave Zambia in the same peace and stability that u found it in.


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  1. Ok Nangu walisebana mayo apapena walasa.Pass my regards to ur Boyfrend the rapist,one chilufya Tayali.Lol

  2. Charity begins at home, u failed to sort out issues in your matrimonial home and u expect us to trust u? Rubbish