Cabinet approves mausoleum for Sata

President Sata
President Sata

CABINET has approved the construction of a mausoleum for late President Michael Sata at Embassy Park.
Chief government spokesperson Chishimba Kambwili told a post-Cabinet meeting press briefing at State House yesterday that the project also includes supporting structures and facilities at all the three mausoleums at Embassy Park that include those for late Presidents Mwanawasa and Chiluba.

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Mr Kambwili, who is also Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services, said Cabinet has approved construction of future presidential mausoleums and supporting facilities such as libraries at other designated areas.


“It is necessary to bury our departed republican Presidents in a dignified manner and in properly designated places by establishing mausoleums and creating supporting facilities matching such burial sites for visitors to learn about their individual and collective contributions to the nation,” Mr Kambwili said.


And Cabinet also approved the opening of a consulate in Guangzhou City in Guangdong Province of China.
Mr Kambwili said Zambia and China maintain diplomatic relations on a residential basis in each other’s capital at ambassadorial level.


“However, it has become necessary to open a consulate in Guangzhou City to further strengthen relations between Zambia and China, and in particular, to take advantage of the vast opportunities for trade, investment and tourism that the province of Guangdong offers,” he said.
Mr Kambwili said the consulate will also provide consular services to both Zambians and Chinese.


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  1. And build supporting facilities such as libraries…… As a matter of fact, none of the schools which my children attend has a library. I thought schools should have been the starting point. If a rich nation like the US just has a simple Arlington National Cemetry, it doesnt make sense to waste money like that. The cost of everything is going UP, they certainly got their priorities miserably wrong. My view!!!!!