Church plays an important role in unity- Kapata


Mandevu Member of Parliament Jean Kapata today led members of the United Church of Zambia at Gethsemane Congregation in Lusaka in a fundraising service meant to raise funds for the construction of a wall fence at the new congregation.

Ms. Kapata who is also Minister of Tourism and Arts pledged to contribute cement towards the construction of the boundary walls at the church.


She noted that the church plays an important role in uniting the community and imparts good morals in the members of the community by spreading the word of God.

The Minister challenged the church to make their premises habitable and secure so that members feel secure and safe just like businessmen should endeavour to improve their premises in order to attract more customers.


She noted that by doing so the church will fulfil its main objective of winning souls to Christ.

The congregation held the fundraising service to raise funds required to secure the church by the construction of the boundary walls which is estimated to cost about K80, 000.


Meanwhile Matero Minister in Charge Reverend Lackson Siwale who was standing in for Rev. Science Mambilima appealed to government to quickly commission the police post and Kabanana secondary school which was recently constructed.


Rev. Siwale noted that the commissioning of the two institutions will help the community members by offering security and education services.

The clergyman also thanked the area Member of Parliament for the taking part in the fundraising service.