We won’t return if the Vice Chancellor remains in office-CBU lecturers

CBU students hit the streets with riots and demonstrations
File Pic CBU students

Lecturers at the Copperbelt University- CBU in Kitwe have vowed not to return for work as long as Vice Chancellor Professor Naison Ngoma remains in office.

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The lecturers want Professor Ngoma out arguing that his continued stay at the helm of the CBU management is counterproductive.

Copperbelt University Academic Union General Secretary Kaunga Nyirenda says the academic staff made their resolve not to return for work following a meeting held at the University Campus on Friday.


Dr. Nyirenda says adds that dialogue between lecturers and management has failed.

The CBU academic staff has also accused Education Minister Micheal Kaingu of ignoring their plight.

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Dr. Nyirenda has explained that the CBU lecturers wrote to Dr. Kaingu on June 23rd over their plight but the Minister has allegedly not responded to their demands.

On Wednesday, CBU Vice Chancellor Naison Ngoma told ZNBC News that will not resign.

CBU was closed on Wednesday following a standoff between management and the lecturers.


On Thursday when he presented a ministerial statement in Parliament Dr. Kaingu says he is saddened that CBU Academic Union has turned down all request and opportunities to dialogue but have continued with the illegal strike.


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  1. usually in africa when the majority complains then pali ubulema can someone do something we need new events not same things online

  2. Zambia is not short of lecturers. And by the way you must not be paid for sitting home. Secondly you must be charged for taking part in an illegal strike.

    • Actually, Zambia is short of lecturers. There’s a deficit of manpower at both UNZA & CBU.