Cement prices fall


THE retail prices of cement in Lusaka and the Copperbelt have reduced by about K8 per 50 kilogramme bag following the entry into the market by Dangote Cement.

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The prices have gone down by an average of K8 per 50kg in Lusaka, Ndola and some areas surrounding the two cities.
The US$400 million Dangote cement factory in Masaiti District commenced operations following the completion of construction early this year.


In Lusaka, an on-the-spot check by the Times yesterday showed that Lafarge cement which had previously been selling at K78 was going at between K65 and K70 while Dangote cement was being sold at K62.
On the Copperbelt, the prices of the commodity have dropped by about K8 on average.

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The prices for the Zambezi Portland cement and Lafarge cement brands are falling towards the Dangote cement price of K62.
A check in some shops in Ndola and Kitwe showed that Zambezi Portaland and Lafarge cement were still on the higher side compared to Dangote cement, the new product on the market.


In Ndola, a 50kg bag of Zambezi Portland and Lafarge cement was fetching at K63 while in some shops, the prices are the same as Dangote’s at K62.
In Kitwe, Lafarge and Zambezi Portland are fetching at K68 and K65, respectively, while Dangote’s is constant at 62.
Before Dangote’s entry into the market the prices of the other two cement brands on the Copperbelt were between K70 and K73 while in Lusaka they were drifting towards K80.


The Zambia Consumer Association has praised the coming of Dangote Cement to Zambia as it will reduce the cost of cement on the market.
The plant has rekindled hope of further poverty reduction in the area, because it joins other cement and lime industry companies in the area that continue to offer jobs to locals.
The association hopes that the prices of cement will continue reducing as a result of the competition among the three producers in Zambia.


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  1. more competition now keep reducing price Mr Dangote up to kr50 per pocket.. how many likes for Dangote pipo

  2. dollar going up. cement coming down. pure competition working. thanks to dangote.