HIV research discovery hints cure

Dr ZaZA Ndhlovu


A Zambian scientist resident in America and working with Harvard University has established that the body’s immune system has the ability to fight HIV at the early stage of infection.


Dr. Zaza Mtine Ndhlovu an immunologist has that established that white killer T cells are responsible for this because they recognize infected cells.


Dr. Ndhlovu who has been researching on early HIV infections among young women in Durban South Africa says if this condition during the early stage of HIV infection is prolonged, it is possible for the HIV to be completely eliminated.

His discovery is however, yet to be authenticated by a peer review of other scientists.



  1. We are fed up of reading such premature pronouncements in the name of Attention seeking.Do your work,get it authenticated in the labs and then inform us not just alarming clients who need the medication.