Fr. BWALYA challenges HH

Ministers,and other guests taking seats in the VIP tent. In the pictures is Hon. Jean Kapata, Mwenye Musenge, Prof. Wilombe and Hon. Chisala including ABZ Pesident Father Frank Bwalya
Father Frank Bwalya

PF member Father Frank Bwalya has challenged the UPND- to be honest and consistent as they provide checks and balances to Government.

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Father Bwalya says it is surprising that UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema can say that the current load-shedding being experienced is due to corruption and mismanagement at ZESCO.

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He says such kind of dishonesty and inconsistency is regrettable.

Father Bwalya reminded the UPND leader of how he pre-emptied a statement from Zambezi River Authority warning of massive load-shedding due to low electricity generation as a result of poor rainfall experienced.


And Father Bwalya says statements being made by the UPND on the acquittal of former president Rupiah Banda are expected.

He says he will not be surprised if the UPND u-turns and opposes the restoration of Mr. Banda’s immunity.


Father Bwalya is hopeful that the matter will be taken back to parliament so that Mr. Banda’s immunity is restored.

He was speaking in an interview with ZNBC News in Lusaka.

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  1. wonders will never end,even a mad & priest cadre like father bwalya can challenge HH?is this the same cadre who was once a board chairperson for zesco?

  2. why you resigned from zesco board???and why you rejoined pf what has Lungu gvn you which Sata failed???

  3. Who started the red card nonsense and whom was it aimed at?Rupiah Banda of course what has changed Mr Bwalya