Charcoal price hiked

Charcoal - Photo credit- CIFOR:Jeff Walker

Charcoal prices have been hiked in Lusaka owing to high demand of the commodity by residents.

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Charcoal traders at Misisi, Kabwata and Chilenje markets have told ZNBC news that the current power deficit has seen higher demands of charcoal hence the increase.

Benard Chabala, a trader says the charcoal business has boomed over the past weeks.


And consumers found buying charcoal said there is need for Zambians to reduce over dependency on ZESCO.

Brian Sakala says Zambians should now find other sources of energy such as solar.

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And Mr. Sakala says there is need to break the monopoly in the energy sector by ZESCO by investing in other private companies to provide electricity.


Meanwhile, Some Lusaka residents have expressed concerns on the move by Lusaka water and Sewerage Company to ration water.

Most people talked to have told ZNBC News that the move by the Water Utility Company will negatively affect many homes.


Those who run car wash business say their only option now is to store enough water for use.

The concern is the same in Lusaka’s Misisi and Kanyama compounds where most people depend on Water Kiosks.

Last Week the Lusaka Water and Sewage Company announced that it will start rationing water in line with the current load-shedding of electricity.


Charcoal – Photo credit- CIFOR:Jeff Walker

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