PF rigged by-elections-UPND


UPND-UK has made sensational claims that the ruling party, PF rigged the by-elections yesterday.

This comes after PF scooped all the seats in Petauke,Mulobezi and Mulambo.

“IT is clear that PF badly needed the MULOBEZI seat by hook or crook.
Even if it meant spilling blood they were determined to do that.
A lot of activities took place in the night , 4 ballot boxes went missing for hours before they were recovered.
PF managed to rig and steal the vote by 24 votes and 60 of our potential members were locked up yesterday before voting . We know lungu won’t be able to do this come 2016,” wrote UPND-UK.


  1. Don’t say lungu will not make it by 2016,let’s talk about the just ended by elections.just except the .even u could lose small by elections in chawama Mmmm am sorry

  2. iyo yama ati uwawa tabamwikata kuchinwa,namuwa kusuminafye ati boma ni boma,tiyeni nazo

  3. it’s jus a bitter pill 2 swallow,,I can hear them cryin 4rom a million miles away,,,!!!!!!