Sometimes divorce is inevitable: Pope


Pope Francis, the leader of a Catholic Church that has always preached the indissolubility of marriage acknowledged yesterday that sometimes it is impossible for spouses to stay together.


“It is true, that there are cases when separations are inevitable. Sometimes they can even become morally necessary,” the pontiff said during his weekly audience in Saint Peter’s Square.
Pope Francis said he was referring to cases of domestic violence and exploitation, affecting the weaker partner or small children.


His remarks came a day after the publication of a working document for the October 4 to 25 synod, a world summit of bishops due to discuss how to treat people who do not comply with Catholic family ethics, including divorcees, unmarried couples and homosexuals.


“Around us we find several families in so-called irregular, I don’t like this word situations, and we pose ourselves many questions.

“How can we help them? How can we support them? How can we support them so that children do not become hostages of their father or mother?,” the Pope said. — DPA.



  1. Thank you Charles Chanda for your Inspirational chat, and I hope married couples will learn something. Esp in this era, married couples shd have a spiritual discernment.

  2. Daily Inspirational Chat with Pastor Charles Chanda.

    One day a man lost his dog and searched for it everywhere and could not find it. He put posters everywhere for a missing dog. There was another man that had found this dog injured and taken it to his house, nursed it and begun feeding it. Since it could not walk the man was so close to it and it became so much used to him. This man was feeding the dog home prepared meals, After a week, the dog begun to walk and someone saw it in the yard of this man. He went and told the owner that he saw the dog in another man’s yard.

    The dog owner came fuming and started shouting at the man for stealing his dog when the case was not so. He violently took the dog to his house which did not have a fence. As soon as they got home, the dog took the journey back to the man who nursed it and it was crying at the gate. The man did not want to open the gate because of the way the owner had treated him but the dog remained at the gate. The owner followed his dog and found it outside the man’s gate and when he tried to take it, it started charging at him. For two days the dog remained at the gate and eventually the man brought it inside. This is how the dog changed owners. It was later found out that the man never used to care for the dog and the new owner gave it the needed care.

    Friends such is life. Learn to care for what is yours or else those things may disown you tomorrow. Some church leaders lose loyal members because of lack of care. Unfortunately some people lose spouses for lack of care. Let us learn to care especially for what is rightfully ours. My friend the problem is not the man who took your wife but yourself. Let us all learn I am in no way approving divorce but merely showing you why some relationships and marriages break.