I have the right to speak – Pilato


Power is the weakest possession there is. Its ability to decieve, corrupt and blindfold those that crown themselves with it is beyond measure. But truth is, genuine power is not in power itself, genuine power is not in bulldozing the poor, the humble and weak into your bossom, genuine power is serving the poor and protecting the weak. It is fear that inspires men to harm other people.

It is hard to respond to a political threat or demand because it is in the nature of their job to ‘say something’. A politician just has to say something about anything.

When some speak out of conviction politicians speak because their jobs demands so… I find it hard to kneel to that point.


New latest song from Zambian musician Pilato titled Alungu Anabwela. This song described the current political situation in Zambia. The controversial singer released this song which is a parody of Nashil Pichen Kazembe’s 1970s hit APhiri Anabwela.
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To those pushing threats on my life, life is like a blank sheet of paper, it becomes what you write on it. No one buys application letters, you buy blank papers and you turn them into letters.

My life is no special and in no way do I plan to run or hide from any of your guns and knives. Better and worthy people have died before and some where even killed by less strong creatures compared to you. If you do not like the opinions in my music and you believe that harming me is the solution, you are welcome. My inspirations are birthed by transpirations so if you don’t like what I talk about, change what happens.

Asking for my apology?

Those that claim to be friends and believers in the ideals of the PF should be the first to apologise because, its the PF that taught us the evils we knew and know about the MMD. It is the PF that told us that the MMD were corrupt, it is the PF that told us that the MMD were responsible for sufferings of the so many Zambians today. It is the PF that told us that for us to move forward we needed to vote the government out…

What wrong is believing in what we were taught by the men and women we trusted.

Those accusing me of defaming his excellence the president… I suspect the president just laughed at the song and ‘ umwaiche uyu alichenjela’ while the tongues of those that are paid for talking are on fire. I do not have the guts to disrespect his excellency at all but as a citizen of this country I have the right to speak to the man in charge of the national affairs.

I admit we do not live in a perfect society but that does not disqualify me on anyone to demand for the right thing.


Pilato Yaku



  1. pilato alibe che ulemu,cause president lungu is as old as his father.yes we tease elder people but we have respect for them,pilato should know that grey hair does not jsut come easily it comes with wisdom,no wonder fana bamanje luck blessings.pilato sit down and reflect over this.

  2. Pilato freedom of speech does not mean you start suffering from verbal diarrhea, think before you act. All you know in your songs is just to insult, what the hell is wrong with you? Are you insane? Who do you think you are anyway?

  3. Pilato if you do not respect yourself then at least respect others especially the adults. Whoever is supporting your stupid outbursts is not normal. How would he/she feel if you insulted his/her parents? Grow up and begin to dress decently.

  4. yap.u ryt fuck u e l. pilato vry gude. he’s lungu Our God?nah.f God waz died cux of our sin.xo wht abt lungu?hw who s he.¡¡ .useles pilato mre fire.talk its ur tym 2 talk f da z samthng wrng.amen¡¡

  5. pilato i person know your pay masters but just friendly advise to you their money belongs to the poor so you eat their money it doesn’t make you different from them look @ YOU poor pilato now you can’t walk freely you are lost in your own world

  6. I see nothing wrong in Pilatos song en wish was good at singing then wud have done the same. This is democracy en of pilato is atleast compared to that of presidenet Jacob Zuma in south africa… Bravo Pilato, ts too mucj of indirect.