Is a strictly by invitation wedding a big deal?


How humiliating would it be to show up for a wedding uninvited and be turned away?

With the high cost of today’s weddings, “Strictly by invitation” cards have become very common especially in this economy were every dollar counts, people are conscious of the guest list which is usually slim.


Instead of having the whole clan and society attending a wedding, couples now prefer a small crowd that can be lavishly entertained.

It has become more important and necessary for the bride and the groom to be surrounded by people who mean something to them rather than just feeling obligated to invite everyone.

However many people have been hurt by being left out of these “once in a lifetime” events that used to be just open to the public.


Strictly by invitation weddings are now typical weddings of today with some people supporting it whist others saying it is discriminatory.

Inviting parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts and uncles is never an issue but there are always family members you have never seen or estranged family that has been off your radar for years.

Honestly why would people who do not even know the bride or groom want to be invited or just turn out uninvited?