District commissioners who are not PF cadres to be fired


PATRIOTIC Front secretary general Davies Chama has warned that district commissioners who are not cadres will be fired.
Speaking when he met party officials at Sinda Motel on Wednesday evening, Chama said district commissioners should be in the forefront of mobilising the party and strengthening its structures because if the party loses, they will also be affected.

He said district commissioners should support the PF despite being civil servants or they risk being dismissed.
“A district commissioner shouldn’t sit idle in the office to say ‘I am a civil servant, I don’t do politics’.

If we identify a commissioner who is not a cadre, then we shall not hesitate to kolopa that one. Kuya bebele,’’ he said.
Chama told the party members that he was greatly disappointed with the January presidential results, where PF lost to UPND in the district.
“I am disappointed that despite giving you an Easterner candidate, you opted to reject [him] and voted for Hakainde [Hichilema], which I feel you have a big task to convince us that you can do a great job by over-powering the opposition MP that you have here,” he said.

Chama said the PF was determined to unseat most opposition members of parliament in the coming election to allow development to take place in various areas.

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