Reports that President Lungu is on HIV medication condemned

President Edgar Lungu
President Edgar Lungu

Treatment Advocacy and Literacy and Campaign (TALC) has condemned online reports suggesting that President Edgar Lungu is on HIV medication.
TACL Country Director Felix Mwanza says the media has a responsibility to protect the rights of any person living with HIV and help to fight stigma and discrimination.
Mr. Mwanza says what the online media in question is doing amounts to a serious gross violation of human rights.

He says the media can only publish the HIV status of any person if such a person allows them to do so.
Mr. Mwanza states that whether true or false the fact is that President Edgar Lungu has never made his HIV status public and has the right to privacy.
He to desist from publishing any information they come across without thinking twice of whether such information should be for public consumption.

Credit – QFM NEWS


  1. Mwa wanthu wa ku Zambia mwatani kodi? Ufiti umenewotu!:bwanji mulibe ulemu? Ndale za mtundu wanji izi? Dziko litukuka bwanji? Moyo wa munthu aliyese uli mwa Mulungu. Ena afa mawa, Lungu amusiya alipo. Muli ndi tulo eti? Blantyre, Malawi.