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Its never a good thing to abandon a project especially when that project is Government funded. 46 of the 50 project sites in Muchinga have been abandoned by local contractors. This has unsettled Mulusa. He further goes on to say, he is disappointed because these Zambians must be patriotic enough like the Chinese, where he is visiting with President Lungu.

We don’t know what happens when people ride in Landcruisers with air conditioners. Landcruisers paid for by tax payers. They begin to see things through tinted windows. Mulusa is one such man. Listening to the budget debate in 2013, we really thought Mulusa was a man with the wherewithal to defend the poor and exploited. Does he even understand what patriotism is? Does he knows what it takes to run a business in Zambia and have your contractor, Government, default on their payments. Does he know how it feels when SMEs have to borrow at 25% because the lending rates in this country are prohibitive? Government has not paid any mobilisation fees to any of those contractors. How can they even start to move on site?

But Mulusa, has the audacity to call Zambians unpatriotic. Patriotism means mutual respect. The Chinese people he calls very patriotic, are paid for the goods and services they provide. We have a situation here where contractors are expected to be on site even when there is no money. These are not Government graders and front end loaders with fuels, oil and grease including the drivers, paid for by tax payers. These are costs that contractors have to honour. This is why most contracts have 10-25% upfront payment, its not by accident.

Chilumbulu Road works, abandoned. Burma Road, abandoned. Kenneth Kaunda International, abandoned. Is this by accident? This is the question that Mulusa needs to ask himself and not call Zambians unpatriotic!


Lucky Mulusa is Patronising People
Lucky Mulusa is Patronising People