Zambia remains at risk of importation of Ebola – Health Minister


Health Minister Joseph Kasonde says despite having been spared of the Ebola epidemic so far, Zambia remains at risk of importation of Ebola from the affected countries due to ease of modern travel.

Dr Kasonde has told Parliament in a ministerial statement today that as such, his ministry has continued to strengthen the national capacities to minimize the risk of importation of Ebola into the country and to promptly detect and respond to the possible out breaks.

He says to this effect a number of measures have been put in place which include the development of a national Ebola virus disease preparedness plan which outlines the roles of all ministries and key stakeholders should Ebola break out in Zambia.

Dr Kasonde says a communication strategy has been developed and the media engaged in the dissemination of the preventive messages.

He adds that screening for Ebola is still being conducted at major points of entry and the ministry of health is continuously carrying out supervisory visits for Ebola preparedness at points of entry and districts.



  1. Now ba Joseph Kasonde can be heard as Health Minister when Mrs Christine Kaseba Sata had completely eclipsed him! Welcome from hibernation!