Sylvia Masebo sues PF secretary general


FORMER Patriotic Front (PF) chairperson for elections Sylvia Masebo has challenged her suspension from the ruling party in the Lusaka High Court.
Ms Masebo, who is also Chongwe PF member of Parliament, has sued Davies Chama in his capacity as party secretary general.
In a statement of claim filed in the Lusaka High Court, Ms Masebo said she has never been charged formally and that she just read in the press that she was removed from her position.
Ms Masebo further said she was neither given a notice of the meeting where the decision was arrived at to suspend her nor was she given an opportunity to respond against the allegations levelled against her.
Further, the statement of claim filed by her lawyers Mushipe and Associates, Ms Masebo claimed that she was also not served with a written letter of her purported suspension and removal from the position of chairperson for elections, therefore, her suspension is null and void.
Ms Masebo said the decision by the party to remove her from the position of chairperson for elections was irregular as there was no known leader of the party and that the PF at that time was in disarray.
She said she is reliably informed that the decision to expel her from the party has already been made and that any subsequent disciplinary proceedings to be commenced against her are a sham as her fate and outcome of the proceedings is already known.
Ms Masebo said if any disciplinary proceedings are commenced, she will be denied a fair hearing as Mr Chama and other senior party officials already want her to be expelled from the party.
She said as a result of the foregoing breaches on the part of Mr Chama, she has suffered damage, loss and has been inconvenienced.
Ms Masebo has since asked the court to declare that the purported suspension and or expulsion of her from the party are illegal, null and void.
She is also asking the court to declare that she is still a member of the PF and also elected MP for Chongwe constituency.
Ms Masebo has further asked the court to declare that the purported suspension of her as chairperson for elections is illegal, null and void.
She also asked the court to issue an order of interim injunction preventing Mr Chama from suspending or expelling her from the party and any other reliefs that the court may deem fit.
Ms Masebo said she will continue to suffer irreparable injury and undue inconvenience if the injunction is not granted.


Daily Mail