Mwila dismisses reports of taking over expatriate work permit issuance


Home Affairs Minister Davis Mwila has dismissed as malicious online media reports suggesting that he has taken over the issuance of work permits to expatriates from the government committee that sits to approve the applications.

Mr. Mwila has told QFM News that he understands very well his job and what he is supposed to do and not do.
He states that government will only give expatriates work permits for jobs that Zambians do not have the skills for.Mr. Mwila says the people fabricating such lies are bitter because government is now strict with the issuance of work permits.

Mr. Mwila says there will be no compromise in the issuance of expatriate work permits.

Mr Mwila has since challenged those claiming he has taken over the issuance of work permits to produce evidence of how many permits he has issued.

He notes that the people of Zambians have been crying for jobs and that if jobs are taken by foreigners, Zambians will continue being unemployed.

Mr. Mwila states that the PF government is committed to delivering on its campaign promises by creating more jobs for the people of Zambia.


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