Zambian Voice insists parties should disclose source of funding


he Zambian Voice has insisted that there is need for political parties to disclose their source of funding.

Zambian Voice Executive Director Chilufya Tayali notes that the issue has a serious bearing on the political direction of the country.

Mr. Tayali says the issue should be taken seriously to help fight corruption in Zambia.

He states that it is unfortunate that some political parties are still accessing money from outsiders without any transparency.

Mr. Tayali has also wondered why politicians aspiring for public office are failing to be honest and tell the people where they are getting their funding.

Mr Tayali says this is recipe for corruption because the politicians who get such funding will be required to pay back in one way or the other.

He says good leaders are failing to ascend to power because they have no financial capacity to do so.

Mr Tayali has urged politicians to be transparent in all their dealings if Zambians are to trust them.

Mr. Tayali says politicians should always remember that integrity, truthfulness and trustworthiness are key attributes of a good leader.