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GOVERNMENT is considering conducting the second set of trials of the Sondashi Formula (SF2000) to ascertain its effectiveness in curing the HIV/AIDS pandemic.
Ministry of health permanent secretary Davy Chikamata said yesterday that Government has not forgotten the need to carry out the second level trials on the SF2000 as alleged by the inventor, Ludwig Sondashi.
“Government has recognised the urgent need to carry out the second trials of the SF2000 to help prevent further spread of HIV/AIDS if the formula proves to be [potent],” he said.
Dr Chikamata said that Government is in the process of carrying out research to see how best the formula can be prescribed to the consumers.
He said Government is doing everything possible to ensure that the process is expedited without further delay.
Dr Sondashi complained of government is delaying to carry out the second clinical trials on the SF2000 in Lusaka on Monday when he submitted to the Parliamentary Committee on Health, Community Development and Social Services on the progress that the country has made in attaining the Millennium Development Goal on health.